Come Help a Brother Out This Friday

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Roburt Reynolds

Rocks Off knows we make it look pretty easy down here, but it's really not. Case in point: On his way to cover Balaclavas' SXSW showcase in March - that's right, bands were there from all over the world and we're checking out the locals; that's how much we love you - Rocks Off first lieutenant Craig Hlavaty's bike encountered an especially disagreeable curb, and Craig fractured his elbow.

And still covered the goddamn show.

Unfortunately, this isn't Canada, and Vicodin isn't free, so Craig could use a little help with his medical expenses. So, naturally, we asked a bunch of broke-ass local musicians we're rather fond of if they wouldn't mind donating their time, and, naturally, they said yes. So come on out to the Mink this Friday for some fucked-up noise, top-notch songwriting and everything in between from Room 101, 10th Grade Cutie, Ben Wesley and Muhamidali (or however you spell it). Cover is only five bucks, and we can only hope the night does not result in any further bodily injury, although with this crowd you never can be too sure.

Special thanks to Room 101 for the badass poster - and for playing the show at all, considering he has to pick his fiancee up from Intercontinental later that evening.

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