The Last Roundup: Paul Weller, South Memphis String Band, Indian Jewelry, Robert Ellis and More

south memphis string band.jpg
Here's another installment of what's been blowing up other Houston music Web sites' skirts recently. If you'd like us to look yours over (your site, not your skirt, though we can talk about that too), email

Breakfast on Tour caught the brand-new South Memphis String Band at the Continental Club April 25 (above): "Their stage interaction was as natural as any band that had been playing together for years." gave some love to Black Joe Lewis, whose Honeybears (featuring Houston's own Ian Varley) should raze Walter's to the ground tomorrow night. Nice story, but more doll porn please.

Houston's Most Hated has a big boner for Ghostland Observatory's show at Sam Houston Race Park Saturday. Lots of MP3s and a nifty player.

Speaking of, sort of, local singer-songwriter Robert Ellis caused Free Press Houston's Omar Afra to rhapsodize, "If only I had a vagina."

David A. Cobb took a road trip to San Francisco to review Paul Weller for Space City Rock: "He maintained his energy and kept the crowd's attention throughout the show." posted a brief interview with Indian Jewelry. Tex Kerschen finds parallels between The Communist Manifesto and the current state of the music industry, but you probably could have guessed that anyway.

Houstonist is already looking ahead to the weekend. Can't say as we blame them.

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