The Last Roundup: A Birthday Blog, Mic Skills, Listenlisten, UGK, Riff Tiffs and More

HMH Birthday.jpg
Happy birthday, Houston's Most Hated! They're celebrating next Saturday at Numbers with The Juan MacLean, Switzerland's the Field and a bunch of local DJs. has a nice chat with local MC Mic Skills, mostly about his new album Defiant.

We Wore Masks caught the freshly reunited Blink-182 (Woodlands Pavilion, September 23) playing "All the Small Things" on The Tonight Show. Can't wait for Conan to take over!

Space City Rock checks out the new Listenlisten, Hymns from Rhodesia. Readitreadit.

Looks like Houstonist is having trouble making up its mind about what shows to see this weekend. Come to think of it, so are we.

riff tiffs middlefinger.jpg

Hands Up Houston has the details on the Black Congress/Muhamid Ali house show Saturday at 2502 LaBranch. Free keg.

Cocaine Blunts lays down some background on the Pimp C/Roots feud as detailed on UGK's "Top Notch Hoes." It's been squashed.

Xipq (don't ask us) has a lengthy review of the recent Lucero/Black Joe Lewis show at Walter's: "Out of six years of going to that place, I've never seen a line so long." So we heard. has a link to the new Riff Tiffs EP, Festival/Snflwr. Even if that awesome middle-finger picture isn't the cover art, it's still free.

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