Springsteen Tickets for 20 Bucks

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Chris Gray
The line for Springsteen tickets shortly after noon - Rocks Off would assume there are still tickets available (they're in the upper deck, btw). Bring a couple of canned goods please.
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It's always nice to find something out from the daily, but when it involves Bruce Springsteen, Rocks Off is more than happy to poach, poach away. According to this item on the Chronicle's new entertainment/lifestyle website, 29-95.com - which debuted last week to nary a mention from its print parent, by the way, though the Chron may have had other things on its mind - a limited number of "front-of-house" tickets for Springsteen & the E Street Band's (almost) sold-out show tomorrow night go on sale at noon at the Toyota Center box office, 1510 Polk. "Front-of-house" means they probably won't be the best seats in the world, but hey - at least you'll get in.

So there you go. Thanks, 29-95. You have one hour.

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