SXSW Snapshots: Strange Days Indeed

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SXSW Beelzebuns.JPG
Beelzebun's: All Hell's About to Break Loose!
SXSW wristbands.JPG
Photos by Chris Gray
This guy hasn't slept in days.
SXSW Hold Steady line.JPG
Why you should always plan ahead: The line to get into Red 7 for The Hold Steady, circa 5:30 p.m. Yes, those are people all the way to the horizon.

SXSW geeks.JPG
Tokyo punk rockers the Geeks did not attend the "Choosing a Catchphrase That Doesn't Creep People Out" mentor session.
SXSW bodysuits.JPG
"Dude, we told you auditions for the Dane Cook Cool Runnings remake are right after this party."
SXSW hipsterlawyer.JPG
Guess which one's AIM screen name is "HipsterLawyer."

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