SXSW: Kurt Vile and Keys N Krates at the Music Gym

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Photos by Craig Hlavaty
Kurt Vile
We once again crossed the big ol' road to hit up the Music Gym to see Kurt Vile and Keys N Krates. Since we hit town, we have found the most satisfaction out of this venue, with it's relaxed and wholly chaotic feel. During regular hours it's a rehearsal space for bands and isn't so deep into the Sixth Street business.

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Keys N Krates
Keys N Krates are like Girl Talk, but with live instruments. The four-piece hails from Toronto and at one point somehow managed to meld New Order and Gloria Estefan. The small crowd on the patio was digging it, with errant beer flooding the atomosphere.

Kurt Vile went on a good fifteen minutes late, reducing his set to a two-song jam complete with saxophone, Deep Purple riffin', pre-programmed drum fills.Vile sings behind a bushy mane of Ritchie Blackmore fuzz and his bassist looks like Thurston Moore circa 1980.

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