SXSW 10-Cent Review: Camera Obscura at Central Presbyterian Church

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Ready to be heartbroken: Tracyanne and Camera Obscura in Austin. 
Camera Obscura
Central Presbyterian Church
March 18, 2009

Said Tracyanne: "This is our first show in a church. Well, in a church that's working. Can a church work? I guess for some people."
Bonus: Church acoustics go great with the pipe organ break in "Hey Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken."
Drawbacks: "I know there is wine in this church somewhere" overhead in the balcony pews. 

The good news/bad news is the songs from the forthcoming album on new label 4AD sound just like the songs from the last album, "French Navy" being the best of the bunch.  Tracyanne was as fragile and adorable in real life as she sounds on record, at one point commenting on the "fuckers" who were walking out of the church early. The crowd was one of the more eclectic-looking of the night. 

Personal Bias: I reviewed the Let's Get out of the Country in 2006. 
Personal Shame: I am posting this five hours later than my own Village Voice chain-wide edict of every concert review up before 9am the following day. My only excuse is I have been teaching Nikki Finke Twitter for the past two days. Music editors, take pity. 

Tweets from the Pews: 

abbandono Lotsa new songs from Camera Obscura & they all sound great. +, this big church's adding an extra splash of Phil Spector to their sound #sxsw

ReinaG You know, I love me some camera obscura, but its weird rockin out in a church.

wesleybarrow A nice endearing set by Camera Obscura #sxsw

TourSavant #sxsw is kicking my butt.. Paper Route was amazing.. Currently having my mind blown by Camera Obscura.

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