H-Town Hangman Addendum: Blaggards Prize Still Unclaimed

patrick devlin.JPG
Photo by Jay Lee
Blaggards frontman Patrick Devlin
Well, despite being so easy Bob Ruggiero a caveman could do it, it appears as if the world premiere of H-Town Hangman still couldn't manage to deliver on the prize front. Or, rather, the first Hangman winner didn't stick around long enough to claim his(?) spoils. Rocks Off is a good sport, though, and the Blaggards really want to give away some shit, so we're going to give this a second go.

Same deal as last time - leave your answers in the comments, along with your T-shirt size (Hmmm...wonder what the prize could be?) It might also be a good idea to throw your email address in there, too, so we can actually get your spoils to you. If you're feelin' squirrelly about your digital digits being out there for all to see, get over yourself (you're not that interesting), or at least follow along to see if you've won, then follow Chris' directions like a good boy. Now for the "work" part...

Provide your answer to the following Blaggards-themed truth-or-dare question. The best answer, as chosen by Houston Press Music Editor Chris Gray, wins the goodies.

What would you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?

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