Devin the Dude, Inadvertent Virtual Realtor?

devin inhale.jpg
We were idly trolling around the Houston Association of Realtors Web site the other day and came across this, um, as a real estate agent might put it, "near North Side charmer" at 417 Bishop St.

The house itself is less than amazing, but the soundtrack Muzak on the "virtual tour" is pretty damn chill. It reminded us of something... And then it hit us: Devin the Dude. This sounds so much like one of his tracks it set us to freestyling about reefer and beer in the office. 

"Lacville '79"

So sure, this house may be a drab 80-year-old abode with bars on the windows and window units, barely a pot to boo-boo in, and hardly any room to stash the Lacville '79, but thanks to the music, all Rocks Off sees is ice-cold Budweiser, purple haze hanging over the living room, and images too risque to print on a family blog.

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