Rosa's Photo Corner: Obama's Pals Extra Golden, and a Shopping Cart of Hope

extragolden 1.jpg

Photos by Rosa Guerrero

"When the band Extra Golden, which includes two Americans and two Kenyans, approached Barack Obama for help guiding them through the Visa process, the then-senator with Kenyan ancestry was kind enough to help them out. The band was then to able to tour and subsequently record the album Hera Ma Nono, which includes the song "Obama." Extra Golden played The Orange Show last fall."

extragolden 2.jpg

extragolden 3.jpg

"Nikon F2, Kodak C41, developed at the CVS where I drive everybody in the lab crazy with my special requests."


"On a chilly day last November, 2008, near the now-iconic Obama mural on lower Alabama, this sign read: 'Today America has repented. God Blessed America. Cold Water Hot Coffee $1 Donations Welcome.'"

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