Tontons Start ChipIn Account to Replace Stolen Gear

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Martin Ez

A few weeks back, we all remember hearing about how Tontons guitarist (guitar god, really) Adam Martinez had his gear stolen out of the back of his car in Montrose. The quartet was in the middle of recording its first full-length, and this equipment was integral to Martinez's signature sound. By the way, Rocks Off hears the new stuff sounds like Billie Holiday fronting Cream, so if that's not reason enough to break out your debit card, we don't know what is.

Well, a ChipIn account has been started to pass the hat to help Martinez out. The amount of money needed isn't that high, but for a young band that's a pretty big amount. Rocks Off didn't know these sort of things existed.

We should start one for booze and fireworks. What? It's Christmas! - Craig Hlavaty

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