Rosa's Photo Corner: Gay Marriage, the Quarentines, Golden Axe and Born Liars

Rosa 1.jpg

Photos by Rosa Guerrero

"Gay Marriage in my "studio". Uh, that would be Rudyard's men's room before the hideous striped paint job. The band returns to Rudz (and the bathroom) tomorrow night. Nikon FA, available light, 1/30 of a second, 20mm lens."

Rosa 2.jpg

"Part of the Southmore House series. For me this photograph is all about that tattered wool jacket - this is as close as I get to fashion photography. The Quarentines will be performing as part of the 'Punxmas Fest' at White Swan Friday."

Rosa 3.jpg

"Golden Axe live at Rudyard's. They will be wielding mightily at Walter's on Washington Friday with No Talk."

Rosa 4.jpg

"The Born Liars at the Houston Press Music Awards 2008. My friend Neil good-naturedly shoved me and I tripped over a speaker, straight onto the back of the stage. I scrambled to my feet and this is what I saw: Jimmy flying like that butterfly. The Liars play Saturday at Rudz with the Wrong Ones." - Rosa Guerrero

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