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If you're looking to escape the homogeneity of mainstream radio in favor of something a little more distinct, head over to Blind I for the Kids. At the site's top right, it calls itself a "social purveyor of vanguard taste."

That's a crafty way of saying "our taste is better than most, just go with it" - but to be fair, they're not lying. Comprised of eight bloggers posting everywhere from Chicago and San Francisco to Philly and Atlanta (and yes, of course, New York and L.A.), Blind I offers an eclectic mix of music spanning both styles and eras.

pickster Paris.jpgThere aren't too many sites where you'll find a mixtape of Blind I operative Pickster One's DJ set on a Parisian radio station, nor will you find many mixtapes that skillfully mesh soul staples like Minnie Riperton and genre-bending duos like J*Davey without sounding all over the place.

That's what makes Blind I such a breath of fresh air: they're self-appointed tastemakers with actual taste. It's taste they're starting to get noticed for, it evidenced by Kanye West linking to them on his blog - and we all know how picky he can be. Be it hip-hop, classic soul and R&B (albeit cleverly remixed), electronica and the occasional indescribable sound, there's loads of music waiting for you. - Michael Arceneaux

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