Aftermath: Madonna Pre-Party at Meridian

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Photo by Craig Hlavaty / Click here for more.

On Saturday night, 104.1 KRBE held a Madonna Pre-Party for those people either unlucky enough to have tickets or those who just wanted a chance to gloat and be catty. There was a look-alike contest, with a blonde-wigged ‘80s Material Girl taking the top honors and a pair of tickets for last night’s show.

I'm going to go off the rails here and admit I am not in either of Madonna's target demographics, which is essentially made up of two different groups. Meaning that I do not have a female reproductive system nor do I make catty comments during America's Next Top Model. However, I do respect fandom at any and all levels. And anyone who is willing to pay 30 bucks to go hang out with other fans just like them, keeping in mind that that very artist is not there, is awe-inspiring to me. The guys in my Hoobastank fan club wouldn't even chip in a few bucks for case of Natural Light.

Here are some photos. – Craig Hlavaty

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