Westheimer Block Party Map and Stage Schedule

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Outside (hosted by Noon)

Jared Eberhart

12 p.m.: Estudiantes Social Club
12:45 p.m.: Hueman
1:30 p.m.: KAM
2:15 p.m.: Chase Hamblin
3 p.m.: O Pioneers!
3;45 p.m.: Sideshow Tramps
4:30 p.m.: Tha Fucking Transmissions
5:15 p.m.: Basses Loaded
6 p.m.: Piano Vines
6:45 p.m.: The Ton Tons
7:30 p.m.: Free Radicals
8:15 p.m. Bear Claw



12 p.m.: The Goods
12:45 p.m.: The Gold Sounds
1:30 p.m.: Magnetic
2:15 p.m.: The Ultra Siberian Pant Factory
3 p.m.: Desmond Zavala
3:45 p.m.: Generation Landslide
4:30 p.m.: Alkari
5:15 p.m.: Dizzy Pilot
6 p.m.: Lazlo
6:45 p.m.: Dead Roses
7:30 p.m.: Giant Princess
8:20 p.m.: Half Nelson

Late Night ($5)


9:15 p.m.: Orent Stirner
10 p.m.: Tyagaraja
10:45 p.m.: Two Star Symphony
11:50 p.m. Antarctica Starts Here


Reprogramm Lounge, hosted by Ceeplus Bad Knives

AUSTIN LAYNE HOTEL (out back; hosted by Secret Saturday Shows)

James Patrick Dylan

12 p.m.: Earnie Banks
12:45 p.m.: Phillip Foshee
1:30 p.m.: Dunnock's Ill Advisory
2:15 p.m.: D.R.U.M.
3 p.m.: News on the March
3:45 p.m.: Studemont Project
4:30 p.m.: Guitars
5:15 p.m.: The Literary Greats
6 p.m.: Lenny Briscoe
6:45 p.m.: Balaclavas
7:30 p.m.: Listen Listen
8:15 p.m.: Buxton

Note: Be on the lookout for a surprise show from Cop Warmth nearby...


Outside (hosted by Nosaprise)


11 a.m.: Wake and Bake Blues Jam with Guy Schwarz
12 p.m.: Trusty Tape Recorder
12:45 p.m.: Karina Nistal & Rebel Crew
1:30 p.m.: GhostTown Electric
2:15 p.m.: World's Most Dangerous
3 p.m.: Hell City Kings
3:45 p.m.: American Sharks
4:30 p.m.: Swamp Fox
5:15 p.m.: Spain Colored Orange
6 p.m.: Come See My Dead Person
6:45 p.m.: The Vettes
7:30 p.m. The McKenzies
8:15 p.m.: The Hates



12 p.m.: Hero
12:45 p.m.: Program
1:30 p.m.: Room 101
2:15 p.m.: B Side
3 p.m.: Mic Skills
3:45 p.m.: Copilot
4:30 p.m.: Dirty N Nasty
5:15 p.m.: The Quietist



Grant Hickey

12 p.m.: Swans Will Attack
1:30 p.m.: Wild Moccasins
2:15 p.m.: Searching for Signal
3 p.m.: The Mathletes
3:45 p.m.: The Annoysters
4:30 p.m.: Poopy Lungstuffing
5:15 p.m.: Riff Tiffs
6 p.m.: Muzak John
6:45 p.m.: Delta Block
7:30 p.m.: Death Hell Battle Tank
8:15 p.m.: Rusted Shut


Jacob Owen

12 p.m.: Check Other
12:45 p.m.: Campfire Stories
1:30 p.m.: The Hangouts
2:15 p.m.: Female Demand
3 p.m.: O'Doyle Rules
3:45 p.m.: Electric Attitude
4:30 p.m.: Dissent
5:15 p.m.: Transmography
6:35 p.m.: Eastern Sea
7:20 p.m.: Tambersauro
8:05 p.m.: Giant Battle Monster
8:50 p.m.: Wolves at the Door
10 p.m.: Ozeal
10:45 p.m.: Endangered Sea Lions

LA STRADA (rooftop; hosted by Partyfone)

DJs include D Major, Sasha Braverman, Henry Chow, Esteban Torres, Alex C, Fixture, Candice Elliott, DJ Pooks, Shina Rae

Rocks Off will have full coverage of Saturday's events, naturally. See you on the street! - Chris Gray

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