Bring Back the Guns' Matt Brownlie Injured in Scooter Accident

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Photo by Rosa Guerrero/ Brownlie is second from left.

Matt Brownlie, guitarist/singer for proggy Houston indie-rockers Bring Back the Guns, suffered several non-life-threatening injuries Saturday night when the scooter he was driving hit a dog.

"It just came out of nowhere," Brownlie, who was wearing a helmet and driving about 35 mph, said in an email Sunday.

Luckily, Brownlie's girlfriend was following in her car, and the accident took place not far from Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital. His injuries were some fractured riBs, a broken clavicle and several cuts and bruises, including one that requiring seven stitches in his forehead.

"It hurts and it sucks, but all in all I am okay," he said.

Ouch. Rocks Off wishes Brownlie a speedy recovery. - Chris Gray

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