Sideshow Tramps/Three Fantastic Equipment Stolen

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Sideshow Tramps at a "Students Against Sweatshops" rally, U of H, October 2007

Looks like looters made off with some equipment that belonged to Geoffrey Mueller (Sideshow Tramps) and Kelly Doyle (Three Fantastic, Clouseaux, etc.). A MySpace post says that sometime before or after the storm the following items were taken from their apartment on West Main.

From Mueller:

Stolen items are:

Black and white Telecaster w/ Rio Grande pickups
Black and red stella acoustic guitar w/ dean markley acoustic pickup
A one of a kind custom steel string acoustic
Two air purifiers
A computer printer
and a window unit

All this plus the stuff that was ruined from the water that got in the place has set us back quite a bit.

If you have any info let me know: 713-557-0992.

If you see of any of this stuff around town, call Mueller. And if anyone else had equipment stolen – let us know. – Dusti Rhodes

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