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It's one of God's little jokes that no matter how hard we try, we really can only do one thing at a time. Certain tasks always seem to get relegated to the back burner, and for Rocks Off, for some reason, it's the mail. I think it has something to do with believing that as long as you don't open a bill, it's OK not to pay it. Ask Ford Credit about that one.

Anyhow, from time to time I do clear out the crates, and I thought it would be fun to keep a record here. This is what's come across the transom in the past two or three weeks, so all you publicists can relax. I do get around to opening the mail eventually. See below for the key to all those funny letters.

Worth a Damn (Maybe)

* Girl Talk, Feed the Animals (Warehouse Live, Oct. 18) I-D
* Portugal the Man, Censored Colors (Meridian, Oct. 18) I
Capricorns, River, Bear Your Bones Brit-M
Subways, All or Nothing Brit-Pu-R
I Am Ghost, Those We Leave Behind Pu-R-M
Blood Ceremony, Blood Ceremony I-E-R
The Sea & Cake, Car Alarm Exp-I-R-J
Bill Madden, Child of the Same God I-F-R
** Ani DiFranco, Red Letter Year I-F-Pu
* Walter Meego, Voyager (Rudyard's, Oct. 4) I-D-R
People in Planes, Beyond the Horizon Brit-I-R
Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin, Amparo J
* Spiritualized, Songs in A&E (Meridian, Sept. 26) R-E-Psy

Patty Loveless, Sleepless Nights C-BG
* All That Remains, Overcome (House of Blues, Nov. 30) M
Natalie Cole, Still Unforgettable P-J-RB
** The Shondes, The Red Sea I-E-Pu
Taj Mahal, Maestro B
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby (The Mink, Sept. 14) I-F-R
* The Stills, Oceans Will Rise (Verizon Wireless Theater, Oct. 28) R
Parts & Labor, Receivers I-E-R
Catfish Haven, Devastator I-P-B
** Frontier Brothers, Spacepunk Starlet I-C-F-R
The Game, LAX Rap
Castanets, City of Refuge I-E-R
B.B. King, One Kind Favor B
* Of Montreal, Skeletal Lamping (Warehouse Live, Nov. 12) I-E-F-P

Worth a Damn (Maybe)... to Somebody Else

* New Monsoon, V (Warehouse Live, Sept. 20) R-P
* Sing It Loud, Come Around (House of Blues, Nov. 9) P-Pu-R
Various Artists, The Rough Guide to Latin Lounge P-L-J
Various Artists, Seprewa Kasa W
Kreesha Turner, Don't Call Me Baby... The Remixes P-RB-D
Luke Denton, Luke Denton F-R
Akim el Sikameya, Introducing Akim el Sikameya W
** Dar Williams, Promised Land F-P
* BLVD, Music for People (Club DubDub, Oct. 4) I-D
* Mickey Hart & Zakir Hussein, Global Drum Project (Cullen Theater, Oct. 19) W
* Jessica Lea Mayfield, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt (Meridian, Sept. 30) I-F-P
Josh Rouse, The Best of the Ryko Years F-R-P
Dub Colossus, A Town Called Addis Re-W
Bette Midler, Jackpot: The Best Bette P-J


Jay K, All Aboard the Obama Train F-R-C-B
* Mechanical Boy, Play Along P-R (Fitzgerald's, Sept. 12)
Kenny Rogers, 50 Years C
Moodafaruka, Essential Moodafaruka; Who R U? RB-L-J-W
Kristine Mills, Playing With the Big Boys - Live! J-P-B
Solange Knowles, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams P-D-RB
Oppressed by the Line, Soft Focus I-E-Psy

Not So Much

* Jackopierce, Promise of Summer (Warehouse Live, Oct. 11) F-P
* New Kids on the Block, The Block (Toyota Center, Oct. 16) P-D
Stephen Pearcy, Under My Skin P-R-M


The Sound of Animals Fighting, The Ocean & the Sun I-E-F
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins, Clutch of the Tiger I-Rap
* I Set My Friends on Fire, You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter (Javajazz, Dec. 6)
Fools & Horses, I Am the Ghost I-P-R
Mark Sinnis, Into an Uncertain Future F-C
* Delta Spirit, Ode to Sunshine (Walter's on Washington, Sept. 11) I-R-RB
Mad Buffalo, Wilderness R-C-F


Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal M
924 Gilman St.: Let's Talk About Tact and Timing Pu

We'll do this again soon - as soon as we let the mail pile up again. Now on to the next step - actually listening to some of these things... - Chris Gray

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