Five Spot: Love's What I Got, Don't Start a Riot

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So, politically charged L.A. rap-rockers Rage Against the Machine had a free concert scheduled to coincide with Tuesday's Republican National Convention and - surprise! - it pretty much ended in a riot. You can imagine, then, how astonished everyone was when the same thing happened again at Rage's Wednesday night show.

Just in case you're wondering, yes, now is the appropriate time for a lame "Bulls On Parade" joke. Undoubtedly, the decision to have a second RATM show was completely brilliant. We mean, who doesn't love a riot? Here are five other riot videos to help get you through the day:


Really, when a band actually has "Riot" in its name, some shit is probably going to pop off.


Here's an easy recipe for a riot: Tell some Exploited fans there's a show, wait till they've put on their wickedest outfits and slicked their hair all up, then cancel the show. Bam! Instant riot. The best part of this video is the dipshit at the :37 mark trying to break a windshield with the back of her shoe. We're pretty sure we dated her.


This one is probably our favorite riot. It happened in 1983 and it was insane - one might even say wild, wild, wild. Girls rocked the boys, some guy had a funny face or a dirty mind or something, and leather vests were really popular.


Can someone please tell us who that lesbian is at the :30 mark? She looks really familiar, we just can't place her. Thanks.


Okay, okay, this one isn't exactly a riot, but it really caught us off guard. It's only :40 seconds, so watch it. Apparently, the gentleman on the left did not appreciate that the other gentleman was styling on 'em. - Shea Serrano

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