ACL Notebook Dump, Pt. 3: One Excited Fogerty Fan, Beck's Math, Robert Plant's Maracas and More

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Photo by Mark C. Austin
Anyone up for a little square-dancing?

* When John Fogerty played "Proud Mary," this shirtless bohunk a few feet in front of me started jumping up and down like he had just won a prizefight. He still had nothing on two enthusiastic Roky Erickson fans I dubbed Enthusiastic Backpacker Dude and Giant Flower Lady, who do-si-doed up a storm during "Before You Accuse Me."

* Best T-shirt: "Soccer Moms Against Hockey Moms."

* Robert Plant is a damn fine maraca player. And Beck has some fuzzy math: "6.4 equals make-out." Overheard during the lank-haired hipster's set: "He's kind of an icon," "one of the best songs ever" ("The Golden Age").

* Saturday sealed the deal as one of my top two or three ACL days ever when the exit music after Beck's set was the Clash's "Police & Thieves." - Chris Gray

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