In the Shade: Evak1

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With Perseph1 and Babel Fishh tearing it up on the mike yesterday, we're a little disappointed with today's first offering, Evak 1. Fast paced flows, that weren't fast enough to keep the audience interested. Dude sounds like Marky Mark (and actually kind of looks like a rough draft of the Funky Bunch leader.) His backing band broke two crucial rules of the game: Drummers shouldn't listen to click tracks and guitarists should NEVER sit down. Sorry dudes, but the crowd seemed as willing to listen to you as your guitarist did to stand up.

Something Fierce's Niki.7 agrees: "What if 50 Cent sat on a stool?"

He'd be 25 Cent.

We're looking for a little more, um, enthusiasm. We know it's hot, but we're out here on day 2 and still going strong.

- Dusti Rhodes

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