HouTube: Building My Own MTV

Categories: Listen Up!

If I ran MTV, instead of that trash they air all day, every day, it would look something like this.

We’d start with a little chestnut from Spiritualized:

And then we’d get fresher with some Camera Obscura:

Then I’d slow things down with some Swedish roots-pop from Nicolai Dunger:

And then take things funky with this criminally under-rated tune from Little Barrie, who for a while were Paul Weller’s favorite band. It sounds great this time of year on your iPod walking around town:

And then I’d take it local with Michael Haaga’s “If and When”:

Then I’d end the whole world with Part Chimp’s “War Machine”:

And bring it back with Clem Snide’s “Find Love”:

-- JNL

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