Thirteen Great Soul-Blues Album Covers

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The genre known as soul blues – the modern-day Bobby Bland / Little Milton-style blues you hear on KCOH and KTSU, and in the little hole in the wall bars all over Houston -- might be one of the last redoubts of consistently great album covers out there.

The music on these records tends to be about sex, often more specifically about cheating, and the covers bear that out. Usually there’s a healthy dose of humor on these records too, and once again, the covers tell the story. And tell stories they do. The goal with many of these is to present us with an, um, adult situation, in one single image, and the very best of them succeed totally. The covers stimulate your salacious curiosity -- you just have to hear these picture-stories told at length. And so you buy the album

Here’s a baker’s dozen of the best we know of. -- John Nova Lomax

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