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Back in January, I plugged the names of Houston musicians into the endlessly amusing but mostly pointless site Googlism and generated a few poems composed entirely of the collective conventional wisdom of the web. (Read the results here.)

This time, it's the turn of Kenny Rogers, King's X and Mickey Gilley....


Kenny Rogers is not only a great singer
Kenny Rogers is an American icon
Kenny Rogers is a legend in country music
Kenny Rogers is a genius
Kenny Rogers is such a super performer

Kenny Rogers is a damn good signer and needs to be reviewed by a person that knows and loves music not by some idiot like you

Kenny Rogers is a warm and caring man and friend who gave me instant credibility as a songwriter…
Kenny Rogers is one sexy fella
Kenny Rogers is trying to parlay a hit song and its eponymous persona into a winner in the US $550 billion
Kenny Rogers is fabulously wealthy now
Kenny Rogers is still working hard to continue that

Kenny Rogers is a modern renaissance man
Kenny Rogers is going to keep the ball on the ground
Kenny Rogers is expected to decide today whether he will approve a trade to the Reds
Kenny Rogers is delightful in this charming little film
Kenny Rogers is down enough with hip hop to lend his voice to a cut
Kenny Rogers is a stock car racer who "adopts" kids that he caught stripping his car

Kenny Rogers is made possible in part thanks to the generous donations of the IU Auditorium’s season sponsors


Mickey Gilley is wowing audiences with his honky
Mickey Gilley is still wowing audiences with his honky
Mickey Gilley is planning a sequel to his honky

Mickey Gilley is a homo
Mickey Gilley is being sued for sexual harassment by a woman whose custodial service used to clean his theater in Branson
Mickey Gilley is expected to attend that one

Mickey Gilley is one of country music’s perennial favorites
Mickey Gilley is the shining light of Branson
Mickey Gilley is a true legend and will take his place amongst the stars such as Jerry Lee Lewis and other great country music stars
Mickey Gilley is the least we can do in exchange for stealing away their land


King’s X is a power trio from Katy
King’s X is a band of considerable paradox in both music and message
King’s X is a particularly interesting metal band
King’s X is not a Christian band

King’s X is a lot like Rush
King’s X is some sort of a Rush clone
King’s X is a rather heavy band but I wouldn't like to cal it heavy metal or hard rock
King’s X is not prog
King’s X is a band of interest to proggers
King’s X is best described as soul metal
King’s X is an analgesic creme in a 4 ounce jar
King’s X is used by children
King’s X is applied to the elbow
King’s X is used only in times of accident or emergency
King’s X is touring with legendary rocker ronnie james dio

-- JNL

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