Drenched in Blog: Weird SXSW Alert: Care Bears on Fire

For every breakout band that hits Austin this year, there will be hundreds that trudge back to Omaha and get their jobs back at the video store. Something tells me if this band doesn't hit it big, they may just try out for the 8th grade volleyball team and record a noise record.

This is Care Bears on Fire, a Thurston Moore-lauded trio of 14-year-old New York City girls. They sound kind of like a slowed-down version of the Ramones, with a pubescent Kathleen Hanna on vocals. It's gritty. It's hip. It's not Hannah Montana. One of the girls even sports a Public Image Limited shirt. When I was this age, these girls could have pummeled my heart like a steel-toe boot to the face.

They have a song called "Met You on MySpace". Which is kind of creepy, considering they’re not even of driving age. Paging Chris Hanson! – Craig Hlavaty



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