Drenched in Blog: Hall of Fame Nominations a Big Cleveland Steamer

Late Friday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their nominees for its class of 2008: Madonna, John Mellencamp, Beastie Boys, Donna Summer, Leonard Cohen and Afrika Bambaataa are the heavyweights. Mind you, these are just nominees. Oh, I forgot to mention that Chic somehow rates a nomination, and they threw the Gap Band in there too. My dad always says that kicked ass at the Rodeo here one year.

The Hall of Fame is now officially a joke. I even did a Wack piece on the whole sordid dealings a few months back. This year they left off Sonic Youth, Bad Brains and the Violent Femmes. It’s safe to say those three bands are responsible for an untold amount of today’s punk and indie rock. True, Madonna did take the idea of a pop star to another level, becoming something of a female David Bowie; I just don’t see her among the likes of Willie Dixon and Lead Belly. But “The Cougar” was at the heart of it, just the poor-man’s Bruce Springsteen. Yeah, I said it. Bring it on, you chain-smoking farmer. You don’t belong!

Beastie Boys, I agree with. When they debuted as an “Egg Raid On Mojo” hardcore band, it was highly improbable they would become the elder statesmen they did. Even today, we find them changing their old misogynistic lyrics around to appease their spiritual leanings.

But Donna Summer? Come on, guys. Leonard Cohen? You won’t put him in there because you can’t sell commercials for that. Nice try, though. He’s the patron saint of the morose sad bastard.

Let’s not forget frickin’ Bobby McFerrin, either. You forgot about him this year. I know I can’t. No, seriously. He mugged me one night off of Richmond. – Craig Hlavaty

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