From the Stacks: DJ Shorty's Faves

Categories: Hidden Tracks
DJ Shorty, somewhat cryptically, selects a few favorites:

1. Can, Monster Movie

2. Sun-Ra, Heliocentric World, vols. 1 & 2 (“I’ll let you raid my Sun-Ra if you’re willing to pay the price - I’ve got 35 Sun-Ra records”)

3. Banco, first album (“The Italian King Crimson”)

4. Goblin, Suspiria and Profono Rosso soundtracks

5. Art Ensemble of Chicago, “anything”

6. Jade Warrior, “the lost LP”

7. Residents, Meet the Residents (“I have a poster from their show at U of H in the ‘80s on my wall. Mind-numbing.”)

8. Henry Threadgill, “anything on Impulse”

9. Ennio Morricone, “any soundtrack” (“I just can’t get enough. I have about 50.”)

10. Bernard Herrmann, any Alfred Hitchcock score (“Psycho is my favorite”)

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