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Dedications week has come to an end and so has "the journey" for four more American Idol contestants. (When did everybody start calling participation in a reality show a "journey"? It's pretentious and really fucking annoying.) Who will hear Daniel Powter's death song this week? Hometown hero Sundance Head stepped us his game this week with his rousing rendition of "Mustang Sally" and is much safer than he was last week after his "Nights in White Satin" debacle. LaKisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle are also both in the clear, as are Sanjaya Malakar and Antonella Barba. The latter two are safe because they are pretty and memorable rather than because any musical talent they have displayed so far — and only one of them actually possesses some. (And in any case, neither one of their performances was bottom two this week.) FEMALES

Should Go: Haley Scarnato, Leslie Hunt
Will Go: Leslie Hunt, Stephanie Edwards


Should Go: A.J. Tabaldo, Nick Pedro
Will Go: Brandon Rogers, Nick Pedro

Last week's predictions — correctly predicted two out of four. I hope I am wrong about Edwards and Rogers, but I am worried she is getting lost in the diva shuffle, and that too many people will take Simon's uncharacteristically bad critique of his "Time After Time" to heart. Not every performance has to be a melismapalooza — and Rogers's tone alone was enough to bring off his very tasteful version. — John Nova Lomax

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