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We asked, you answered, and the lineup is now set for the Houston Press stage at Mardi Gras Galveston.

Friday, February 9, Saengerfest Park
7 p.m. Million Year Dance
8 p.m. Truck
9 p.m. Snit's Dog and Pony Show
10 p.m. Fondue Monks

Saturday, February 10, Saengerfest Park
3 p.m. Lonestar Pornstar
4 p.m. Sun Machine
5 p.m. Chango Jackson
6 p.m. Lee Alexander
7 p.m. The Umbrella Man
8 p.m. What Is Hip, aka Tejano Knights
9 p.m. Dogman Poets
10 p.m. Rainchild

HouStoned Rocks will be out there taping and filming, so be sure to wear your drunken best.

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