Untapped Festival Postponed Until Next Month

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The heavy rains that have blanketed the Houston area the past 48 hours have forced the postponement of tomorrow's Untapped festival due to the conditions at Discovery Green. According to the festival's Facebook page, the makeup date is October 11. Untapped released this statement a few minutes ago:

Due to the stormy weather in Houston, your friends at Untapped Festival have pulled some strings, asked some favors and worked magic all morning to reschedule for a better date. Incredibly, we've confirmed ALL the breweries, our headliners & most of the lineup for the new date of Oct. 11th.


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Robert Ellis Is in a New York State of Mind

Photo by David Ayer/Courtesy of New West Records
You can take the boy out of Houston, but...well, this is part of how Robert Ellis has found himself spending his time after moving to New York City a little more than a month ago.

"There's actually a weird little honky-tonk scene in Brooklyn," says the singer-songwriter who relocated from Houston to Nashville in mid-2012 after his group, Robert Ellis & the Boys, won a fiercely loyal Bayou City following with their "Whiskey Wednesday" classic-country nights at Mango's and Fitzgerald's.

As Ellis tells it, Brooklyn's honky-tonk scene includes three bars -- Skinny Dennis, the Levee and Lucky Dog -- that offer sanctuary to Lone Star exiles, from a Willie Nelson painting to a Western swing band on Wednesday nights that Ellis says isn't half-bad. Although he notes his friend B.E. Godfrey, another Houston musician who recently relocated to NYC, makes fun of him for figuratively sticking close to home, Ellis says his Texas upbringing gives him certain advantages in the Big Apple.

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The Houston Press Is Looking for a Few Good Videographers

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Photos by Yuri Peña
Houston has millions of stories. We need your help sharing them.
Here at the Houston Press, we're all about sharing the stories of the city we live in. We're big believers in the power of storytelling and the need for certain stories to be told.

We're looking for new people to help us share the stories of Houston to a larger audience. More specifically, we're looking for a few good videographers who have the same passion for storytelling that we do.

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Reformed Rapper Lecrae's Chart Victory for Houston

Photo courtesy of Stache Media
Wednesday, Lecrae Moore, the 34-year-old rapper who was born and raised in Houston but now resides in Atlanta, broke new ground. His latest album, the accurately titled Anomaly sold 88,000 copies and landed at the top of the Billboard 200.

88,000 copies for a rap album in 2014 isn't paltry, ranking fifth among American rappers this year for first-week sales. It was a shade under Wiz Khalifa's Blacc Hollywood, which sold 90,000 in late August, and a historic victory for Houston, Anomaly is the first album from a Houston rapper or group to top the Billboard 200 since UGK's Underground Kingz in 2007.

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Requiem for the iPod

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Yes, they're still around -- what an iPod looks like today.
The year was 2002, and I was in the back of my mom's Chevy high-top. She was driving my brother to Sam's Club to pick up his new blue iPod 1st Generation. For months, I watched him listen to Papa Roach and moody pop-rock queen Avril Lavigne as he sat in his bedroom lifting his 8-pound dumbbells -- that is, until I got my own iPod a couple years later. Gwen Stefani, Outkast, Hoobastank, it was all on that little thing. And quite frankly, it was all I would ever need. IVAN GUZMAN

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Totally True Tales of Classic-Rock Debauchery!

Photos courtesy of Beau Phillips
Red Rocker Sammy Hagar (with wild blonde hair) and radio man Beau Phillips (with dark, super-'80s mustache) hanging out.
Come with me now, rock music fan, to visit a bygone time of yore.

Imagine a time when radio station program directors could actually program their radio stations. When artists both on the rise and hugely successful playing in town might drop by the station, hang with the DJs, and play some softball. And when interviews could last days over various illicit substances rather than as a series of phone calls in 15-minute increments with a publicist listening in to interject if the conversation got too "controversial."

This golden time of rock radio lasted roughly from the late '70s to the early '90s, and Beau Phillips lived it firsthand. As a DJ and director at Seattle's KISW radio and, later, VP of Marketing for VH-1, Phillips had plenty of opportunity to study the species rockstarus maximus up close and personal.

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The 10 Biggest Country Stars Who Live in Texas

Photo courtesy of EB Media
By Chris Gray and Matthew Keever

Thus far mainstream success has eluded Sunny Sweeney, but not for lack of either talent or trying. According to her Facebook page, Sweeney (a former standup comic) has now played the Grand Ole Opry 41 times but continues to reside in Austin, where she did an acoustic set at Waterloo Records last month to celebrate the release of her third LP, Provoked. Both Country Weekly and NPR have come calling since then, so Sweeney -- also a 2013 nominee for the CMA's New Female Vocalist -- can't possibly stay under the radar much longer.

Facebook fans: 106K

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The 10 Best Concerts in Houston This Weekend: A Fistful of Soul, Untapped, Numbers' 36th, etc.

Photo by Brittany Burke
Deep Cuts
Fitzgerald's, September 19

Deep Cuts have gone from first band of the night to last band on the bill in an impressive amount of time; less than two years by our watch. Honed by many, many shows in between (including a FPSF 2013 spot), Chase Harris and Zach Alderman's indie-pop partnership has finally yielded something ready to pass along in digital and physical form, the Love Grows EP.

Setting out to capture their Gulf Coast surroundings in five songs, Deep Cuts conjure surf and sand, their beloved Tex-Mex cuisine, and a sinister undertow in the sun-kissed guitar tones of Love Grows' five songs. Mission accomplished; put this in your "Causeway" playlist. With Young Girls, Limb, The Caldwell, Mikey & the Drags and Lisa's Sons (emcees). CHRIS GRAY

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Coheed and Cambria at House of Blues, 9/17/2014

Photos by Jack Gorman
Coheed and Cambria, Thank You Scientist
House of Blues
September 17, 2014

Concerts are rarely a communal experience, even though they should be.

The reality is that we all get our tickets for different reasons; someone's favorite band may just be "those guys who have that one song" to someone else. Some people really love the new album and some people really miss the band they used to be. Some people go to the show because they would hate to miss it and others because they'd hate to not be seen at it.

Different people, different agendas, all sharing the same space. And this lack of community is often what makes shows a bummer. It's what leads to rampant talking until the band plays "the song" or people shouting out random bullshit to get themselves over.

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The Rocks Off 200: We Were Wolves, Howlers at the Moon Tower

Welcome to The Rocks Off 200, our portrait gallery of the most compelling profiles and personalities in the far-flung Houston music community -- a lot more than just musicians, but of course they're in there too. See previous entries in the Rocks Off 100 at this link.

Photo by Mark C. Austin
Who? This here digital chat with We Were Wolves marks the end of an era. It's No. 200 in the Rocks Off 200. (Collect 'em all.) We wanted to close out with a bang, or a roar, or a howl, so we asked a band that could oblige us on all three counts. The Wolves make music that is sweaty, greasy, grooving, in-your-face and really fuckin' loud.

Most recently, WWW (dot awesome) were one of the standouts of last weekend's Yes, Indeed festival; after their late-night set at the Continental, it's a wonder the club didn't have to order all-new glassware. We remember catching them early on upstairs at the old Mink, so long ago they might still have lived in Beaumont. Rest assured, they're still up to their wicked ways on Wolf House, the second full-length LP they released last December.

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