Stray Horses Wander Onto Busy Houston Highway During Rush Hour, One Killed

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It's pretty common, albeit terribly unfortunate, to see stray animals -- usually dogs or the occasional cat -- make their way across busy Houston highways, stranded in the middle of traffic as terrified onlookers whiz past. Rarely are those stray animals horses, though.

But that's exactly what drivers in Northwest Houston came across during rush hour Monday morning, when a pair of horses wandered onto the highway at 249 and West Montgomery, and right into oncoming traffic.

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North Houston Is Getting Its Very Own DPS Mega-Center Because Standing in Line Sucks

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We're pretty sure there has never not been a line at the Houston DPS offices. All of them.

Well, that may change come summer 2015, when the massive new Houston-North Mega Center opens at Dewalt Street and Veterans Memorial on the city's north side. The project, announced last week, will be the fourth mega-center for the Houston metro area, which already has mega-locations on Gessner in Houston as well as out in Richmond/Rosenberg and Spring.

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HPD Shootout With Disgruntled Motel Guest Ends in Suspect Stealing, Crashing Cop Car

Getting in a shootout with the Houston Police Department after getting kicked out of a motel is one thing. But getting in a shootout with HPD after getting thrown out of said motel, and then stealing and crashing a cop car? Well, that's a whole other ball of ballsy wax.

Apparently 26-year-old Patrick Ray Castro really didn't want to leave a motel off of Hempstead Road Wednesday morning after a motel employee tried to throw him and a woman with him out, according to an HPD report on the incident.

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Japanese Investor Claims Houston "Space Law" Expert's Private Space Flight Company Was a Scam

Excalibur Almaz website

Takafumi "Horiemon" Horie, the Japanese entrepreneur who founded the tech company Livedoor and later spent time in jail for securities fraud, is suing a Houston "space law" attorney, along with a number of related corporations, for allegedly duping him into investing $49 million dollars in a defunct space travel company, using Russian-made Almaz spacecraft as bait.

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Some Brave Soul Stole a Bunch of HPD-Issued Shotguns From an Officer's Truck Tuesday Night

Mad House Photography via Flickr
Stealing one gun from an officer is probably risky business, considering the potential consequences that could arise from such a deed.

Still, crooks on the North side of Houston took that risky gun-thieving business to the extreme Tuesday night when they stole a bunch of shotguns from a police officer's vehicle.

Thieves broke out the back window of an HPD officer's city-issued pickup truck Tuesday night and stole 10 HPD-issued Remington shotguns that were inside, according to reports.

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Uber Can Now Legally Drive You to the Airport in Houston for a Couple Extra Bucks


New rules that will allow ride-share drivers to pick up and drop off passengers at Houston airports were rather quietly approved by City Council Wednesday.

Under the new rules, which saw no discussion from council members yesterday, ride-share drivers can pick you up and drop you off at Houston's airport if they get the right airport-specific permit. They will also be required to pay the same fees taxi drivers are charged, which amounts to about $2.75 for each departing ride at Bush Intercontinental and $1.25 at Hobby.

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Please Stop Packing Your Guns in Your Carry-On at Bush Intercontinental Airport

Not that we needed any further proof that Texans love guns, but here it is anyway, courtesy of the TSA.

As of last week, the TSA had discovered a record-breaking 1,855 firearms in carry-on bags at airports across the nation, and two of the top five airports for those discoveries were -- surprise-- in Texas, including Bush Intercontinental Airport.

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Lyft Is Leaving November 20, But Will Apparently Be Operating Illegally Until Then

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Bro. Do you even Lyft?

Should your answer still be yes, you may want to get legal with the city.

While Lyft may not be leaving Houston until November 20, that doesn't mean their drivers can continue to operate. Not legally, anyway. Not without complying with the new city regulations.

Here's the deal. The Lyft app may still be up and running, but the company does not have permission from the city for its drivers to operate sans license. So, should you be picking up passengers with the Lyft app without having a permit from the city, you're doing so illegally.

And if you're caught driving that ride-share red-handed, without getting that pesky drug test, warrant check or (more extensive) background check, you're going to be cited. Or your car could be impounded, which is not going to be fun. Not even sort of.

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Here's Proof that Driving an SUV Through a Restaurant Is a Bad, Bad Idea


Well, there's finally cinematic proof that driving a gas-guzzling SUV into a crowded restaurant may not be the best way to get quick service.

The accident happened at Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet in a strip center near NRG Stadium on Kirby at 1:55 p.m. Wednesday, and left a number of restaurant patrons injured.

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UPDATED Lyft Threatens to Leave Houston, Because $62 Is Just Way Too Steep to Make Sure Its Drivers Aren't Criminals

Alfredo Mendez
Your commute's about to get a little less mustache-y.

See below for comments from Chelsea Wilson, Lyft's public policy communications manager.

Citing "expensive" new citywide regulations that mandate drug testing, fingerprinting and background checks for drivers, Lyft, one of the two app-based companies operating in Houston, says it would rather close up shop than comply.

The city's new requirements, set to take effect November 4, will require Houston applicants to use a state fingerprint-based background check company, rather than the online background check system that Lyft currently uses. Drivers must also submit to a warrant check, be drug-tested and give the city their personal information.

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