County Attorney Sues to Shut Down Another After-Hours Club

The video was first uploaded to the FB page "Strippers and Fights."
Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan filed a lawsuit this week to shut down another after-hours club on Houston's far north side, continuing his crusade against bars and clubs he claims are a nuisance and magnets for violent crime.

The county aims to shutter Club Eclipse on FM 1960, which grabbed headlines last month after a cell phone video posted to the Facebook page "Strippers and Fights" (we kid you not) showed a violent brawl spilling out into the club's parking lot. The county claims shots were fired and at least one person was stabbed in the head and arm during the incident.

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Victoria Officer Who Tasered a 76-year-old Man Has Been Fired

Victoria Police Department dash cam footage

The Victoria police officer who grabbed national attention -- the bad kind -- after he slammed a 76-year-old man onto the hood of a police car and tasered him during a routine traffic stop has been fired.

In December, Victoria police officer Nathanial Robinson was placed on administrative duty for accusations of excessive force stemming from a traffic stop during which he tasered Victoria resident Pete Vasquez twice as Vasquez lay on the ground. The whole thing -- from the point where Robinson pulls Vasquez over right up to the tasering, which happens off-screen -- was captured on dash-camera and sparked national headlines .

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Watch Out; Those Ecstasy Pills You're About to Swallow May Actually Be Meth in Disguise


You should probably think twice before ingesting those blue and yellow or purple (illicit) pills you scored on the Houston streets recently. While the dude slangin' on the corner may have told you those colorful tabs were ecstasy, it may actually be meth in disguise.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Office shut down a couple of major drug labs in northwest Harris County Monday, where investigators say pill manufacturers were whipping up methamphetamine pills but disguising them to look like ecstasy. Not awesome at all.

According to the HCSO, deputies obtained voluntary consent to enter a warehouse on West 34th Street -- which was located right next to a daycare and a church, mind you -- and discovered that it was being used as a major drug-manufacturing lab.

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Islamic Militants Are Using a Houston Plumbing Truck to Gun Down Aircraft in Syria, According to Twitter

Ansar al-Deen Front Twitter

It appears that a truck once owned by a Houston-area plumbing company has somehow turned up in the hands of Islamic militants who are now using the converted vehicle to shoot at aircraft as they fight in Syria's civil war.

A photo of the Texas-born Ford F-250, complete with the former owner's plumbing company logo, was posted to Twitter by the Ansar al-Deen Front Monday, and shows a militant fighter shooting an anti-aircraft gun from the bed of the truck.

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Man Shot by Two Houston Cops During Traffic Stop Was Unarmed

Screenshot of bystander video

The Houston Police Department is investigating the shooting of an unarmed man by two police officers in southwest Houston over the weekend, according to a statement the department issued Monday morning.

Police say two officers shot 38-year-old Michael Paul Walker after he acted erratically and appeared to reach for a weapon during a traffic stop Friday night.

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Federal Ruling Legalizes Marijuana on Native American Reservations in Texas (and the Rest of the Nation)

Dank Depot via Flickr Creative Commons

Oh happy day. Texas now has a legal marijuana market, in which marijuana can be grown and sold without the feds swooping in all stealth-like.

But unfortunately -- at least for most of you Texas' potheads -- that Lone Star legal weed will only be permitted on Native American reservations. (It's okay -- still we're secretly hopeful, too.)

In one of the coolest marijuana moves by the feds to date, the U.S. Department of Justice announced last week that Native Americans can grow and sell marijuana on reservations.

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Houston's Unofficial Driving Rules and Road Etiquette for Newbies

Texas Dark Horse via Flickr

Hey there, all you newbies! We'd like to welcome you to Houston.

It's easy to see why you're all making the move to the Bayou City. Where else will you find such a rad job market or affordable cost of living? And you certainly can't match our city's restaurant or arts scene; those things are in tip-top shape. So we get it. We like this city too.

You may be new to the ins and outs of our fine city, but chances are, it won't be long before you're considering yourselves actual Houstonians, saying things like "y'all" or "what it do" as you try to explain that "City of Sizzurp" moniker to outsiders.

But before we can sign off on you stamping that "True Houstonian" tag across your forehead, there's something we need to work on: your driving.

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Family Rescued on a Sinking Boat in Galveston Are Now Running From the FBI

Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Remember the dramatic rescue of the couple and their seven children whose boat had run aground in Galveston in late October? Well, according to police, those parents are fugitives, wanted in Colorado on charges of wire fraud. Whoops.

Galveston authorities say the FBI contacted them after they recognized the couple on news footage of the dramatic October 29 rescue, during which San Leon firefighters saved the family from drowning after their sailboat flipped over during a storm on the East Bay.

Federal authorities have apparently been looking for the couple, 43-year-old Donald Brian Winberg and 33-year-old Karlein Richel Winberg, since April, when they fled Colorado on charges of wire fraud stemming from an elaborate investment scheme that authorities claim bilked millions out of victims.

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Houston Officer Accused of Accepting Bribes From Tow Truck Drivers

Thumbnail image for hpd-badge.jpg
A veteran officer with the Houston Police Department who was only months away from retirement has been relieved of duty, accused of taking bribes from tow truck drivers.

Fifty-nine-year-old Charles Russell is now being accused of contacting two tow truck drivers to tow cars that were parked downtown illegally in exchange for favors, including car repair services.

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The Dude Hit by HPD Chief's SUV While Crossing a Downtown Street Is Now Suing

Categories: Ridin' Dirty

Houston Police Department

Remember that accident that Houston Chief of Police Charles McClelland was in last year, in which he hit a pedestrian with his city vehicle while driving downtown? Well, it looks like the city's top cop may end up on the wrong side of the courtroom over it.

James Harris, the pedestrian who was hit, filed a lawsuit against McClelland and the City of Houston this week, citing, among other things, injuries and damages he sustained during his run-in with McClelland's car.

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