Radio Houstoned: Altar Boyz

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It’s your last chance to catch the musical Altar Boyz at Stages Repertory Theatre this weekend. The story of a Christian boy band, Altar Boyz is a bit of fluff, but fun fluff nonetheless.

You can read what our reviewer Lee Williams had to say about the show here, and click the button below to listen to one of the show’s songs.

Altar Boyz runs at 8 p.m. tonight, 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. tomorrow and 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Stages Repertory Theatre, 3201 Allen Parkway. For tickets and information, call 713-527-0123 or visit $26 to $36.— Olivia Flores Alvarez

Radio Houstoned: El Mero Cocinero and The Cooking Show

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Click the button below for an interview with El Mero Cocinero and Night & Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez.

Robert Karimi puts together comedy, food, politics and culture to serve up the off-Broadway comedy The Cooking Show. “The show is about a progressive chef that wants to change the world, one recipe at a time,” Karimi says. The chef, a.k.a. Mero Cocinero, “went to the Paolo Freire Culinary Institute; it’s a cooking school that you cannot find because they are clandestine and they believe that cooking is a political act that brings communities together. [He has] a sidekick, Comrade Castro, who is a flunky from the CIA, the Culinary Institute of America. Mero Cocinero is Iranian/Guatemalan like me, and Comrade Castro is Filipino, and we do our Iranian-Guatemalan-Filipino fusion, which means we cook whatever the hell we want.” More »

Radio Houstoned: Gypsy

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Courtesy of Masquerade Theatre
Rebekah Dahl and Laura Gray
Click the button below for a Radio Houstoned podcast with Rebekah Dahl and Houston Press Night & Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez.

How do you go from a boyish tomboy to a sexy, sultry burlesque star? Well, it helps if you have a domineering, fame-crazed mother. Gypsy has that. The true (well, kinda) story of Gypsy Rose Lee, Masquerade Theatre’s production stars Rebekah Dahl as Mama Rose and Laura Gray as Gypsy. The musical shows Lee’s beginnings as the child star of her mother’s vaudeville act, Madame Rose's Dancing Daughters, and how she “accidentally” becomes a stripper - hey, it’s possible. (Here’s a little Gypsy trivia for you: Word is Sigourney Weaver is slated to play Gypsy in an upcoming HBO bio-pic based on My G-String Mother, a memoir written by Lee’s son, Erik Lee Preminger.)

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Radio Houstoned: Martin Limón and The Wandering Ghost

Click the button below to listen to Martin Limón reading from The Wandering Ghost.

In Martin Limón’s The Wandering Ghost, it’s the early 1970s and a female MP is AWOL from the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Or is she? Maybe she’s been kidnapped. Maybe she’s been raped and murdered. Nobody knows for sure, but Sergeants George Sueño and Ernie Bascom aim to find out. Oh, and while they’re at it, they’re looking into another soldier’s supposed suicide, a stripper on the run, an overactive black market and the wandering ghost of a schoolgirl killed by a speeding army truck. More »

Radio Houstoned: Clive Cussler and The Chase

Click the button below for Night & Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez's interview with author Clive Cussler.

New York Times bestselling author Clive Cussler is a lot like the men he writes about -- he’s tough, weather-worn and always ready for an adventure. For his latest book, The Chase, Cussler has left Dirk Pitt (the lead in 19 Cussler novels) at home and instead taken up the story of detective Isaac Bell. More »

Radio Houstoned: Dracula at Texas Repertory Theatre

Click the button below for a Radio Houstoned interview with director Steven Fenley and Houston Press Night & Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez.

You think you know Dracula? Think again. In Texas Repertory Theatre’s new production, the king of vampires is equal parts horror and humor, suspense and seduction. “What [playwright] Stephen Dietz has done is to go back to the way the book was written,” says Steven Fenley, the play’s director. “If you read Bram Stoker’s novel, it’s all told in journal entries and news reports and little pieces, and you’re asked to put the story together in your mind; and Dietz has really captured that. There’s something that’s pure evil about [Dracula], and then there’s something that’s a little sad about him. It’s a monster of a play.” More »

Radio Houstoned: The Cinema of East Germany

Click the button below for a Radio Houstoned interview with University of Houston professor Sandra Friedan and Houston Press Night & Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez.

University of Houston professor Sandra Friedan says there’s a funny thing about East German cinema — some of it is actually, well, funny. The films included in the Museum of Fine Art, Houston’s Rebels with a Cause film festival aren’t all humorous, of course, but Heiner Carow’s 1972 The Legend of Paul and Paula certainly is. The popular Paul and Paula, about a decidedly cheerful single mother and her up-and-down love life, includes a racing sound track by the East German cult rock band the Puhdys. The bumbling antics of Carbide and Sorrel, made in 1963 by director Frank Beyer, also take a lighter look at life in the post-Nazi East Germany. Friedan says, “Carbide and Sorrel is a comedy that sort of reveals problems within the bureaucracy in the Soviet bloc and sort of got away with more than it would have ordinarily because it was a comedy.” -- Olivia Flores AlvarezMore »

Radio Houstoned: Black Pearl Sings at Stages Repertory Theatre

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Click the button below to listen to a podcast with Night & Day Editor Olivia Flores Alvarez and playwright Frank Higgins.

Black Pearl Sings by Frank Higgins makes its world premiere at Stages Repertory Theatre this week. The story follows Susannah, an ambitious song collector for the Library of Congress in the 1930s. Susannah finds Pearl, a descendant of slaves, in a Texas prison. Impressed with Pearl’s vast knowledge of otherwise forgotten folk songs, Susannah views Pearl as a ticket to the big time. As the researcher discovering such a treasure trove of music, Susannah will get famous (and rich). But Pearl has a few tricks up her sleeve. She’s willing to “trade” her songs, using them as currency to benefit her family. The two women square off, each needing the other to accomplish her goals. More »

Radio Houstoned: Jennifer Egan and The Keep

To listen to a podcast with Jennifer Egan, click the button below.

Author Jennifer Egan isn’t afraid of a little complication, like, oh, say, a plot that is a story within a story within a story. It’s that circular, involved plotline that Egan gave readers with The Keep. “This is the story about a guy who comes to a castle and begins experiencing strange phenomena,” she says. “And that story is being written by a man in a prison writing class. And it also turns out later that there’s another layer around all of that that we’re not aware of until the end of the book. So it’s a tricky book. It has a lot of trap doors and false bottoms, and I found that to be a lot of fun.”

Egan will be reading from The Keep for the Inprint Brown Reading Series on Monday, October 15. Novelist and MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grant” fellowship winner Richard Powers will also appear. 7:30 p.m. Alley Theatre, 615 Texas Avenue. For information, call 713-521-2026 or visit $5. — Olivia Flores Alvarez

Radio Houstoned: Laurie Perry and Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair

Click the LISTEN button below for Houston Press Editor Margaret Downing’s interview with author Laurie Perry.

Laurie Perry, author of Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair: The True-Life Misadventures of a 30-Something Who Learned to Knit After He Split (which has to be one of the greatest titles ever) is coming to Houston today at Barnes & Noble on Memorial at 7 p.m.

Perry wrote her book from the online diary she began as Crazy Aunt Purl – starting after her husband walked out on her marriage leaving her with four cats and a life that had suddenly taken a sharp left turn.

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