Meet Your 2015 Texans Rookie Class On Twitter!

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Post-draft celebration, brought to you by Tide..
It used to be that when your favorite NFL team drafted its next wave of rookies, for the most part, they were just a list of names on a piece of paper. Sure, you probably knew your team's first round pick, and if a guy played for a good college team, you may have seen him play a handful of times, but for the most part, you wouldn't know anything about them really until training camp.

Social media and the internet have changed all that, as they've changed pretty much everything. Now, with a little bit of detective work, you can find out in about five or ten minutes what all of your rookies are about. You can glean what their off field interest are, and just how highly they regard their own skills.

And if you follow me on Twitter and read me here on this website, you're lucky enough to have someone so all that legwork for you! So without further ado, for those of you who chill on social media, here's where you can find your 2015 Texans draft class....

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Steph Curry To Be Named NBA MVP, James Harden Runner Up

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Every year, the NBA hands out its awards as the postseason rolls along, with a different honor being announced every few days. Thus far, the 2015 awards season has not been kind to the Houston Rockets.

A week or so ago, the Coach of the Year award was given to Atlanta's Mike Budenholzer, a deserving winner to be sure, but Rockets head coach Kevin McHale's sixth place finish was decidedly undeserved. In the minds of many Rocket fans, McHale should have finished higher in the balloting.

And then last week, the NBA's Executive of the Year award was given out, and somehow Daryl Morey, who's constructed the current Rockets team almost entirely on lopsided trades, masterful free agency signings, and solid non-lottery drafting, finished seventh. That one is less shocking, only because the voting constituency is other NBA executives, a group that is probably envious of the waves positive publicity Morey gets despite having only been the GM for two playoff series wins.

Truth be told, though, the Most Valuable Player award is the one we've all been waiting on, and if reports from the Bay Area are true, it appears the Rockets are about to get snubbed again.

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10 Things You Should Know About Houston Texan CB Kevin Johnson

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Over the past couple of decades, the NFL Draft has become big business, particularly with the move a few years ago to a three-day draft with Round One in prime time. The draft has become an event conducive to big parties and large celebrations.

It's safe to say that most teams conduct a draft party for their fans at their stadium or a local venue of some sort, and in turn, it's also safe to say that most of those events are flush with "jersey fans" and people hoping their team makes a big splash with a big name. The more recognizable the name, the bigger the cheer at the party. That's the rule of thumb.

As we learned four years ago, the fans' collective knowledge about (and subsequent reaction to) a player, though, is not a barometer for future success. Hell, Texans fans booed the pick of J.J. Watt. That's all you really need to know.

I feel comfortable assuming that the average Texans fan watched very little Wake Forest football last season, so when the 16th pick was announced last night, and it was the Texans selecting Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson, the reaction ranged predictably somewhere between boredom and frustration. (There was some booing, too.)

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NFL Draft 2015: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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As NFL Draft first rounds go, last night's was fine. No remarkable plummets for any quarterbacks, no really hideous suits (other than Cam Erving's tux, which looked like he'd just got done ripping tickets at a movie theater), and no remarkable significant others to wrest the title for Best WAG from Lauren Tannehill.

In fact, the most unnerving part of Round One was probably toward the end, when multiple reports had the Texans trading back into the first round for the Patriots pick at 32, giving everyone deja vu palpations over what we all wished they'd have done last year in order to get quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. It was quite the tease!

As it turned out, the trade never materialized, but the first round did have winners and losers. Here are a few of them....

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2015 NFL Draft Preview (Through The Lens Of Prop Bets)

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The NFL Draft begins tonight. This first night of the draft is truly the only night in the NFL where being utterly terrible the year before has any redeeming quality. This time last year the Texans were ready to be the belle of the ball, sitting on the number one overall pick. They took Jadeveon Clowney at about 7:01 p.m. and that was it for the night.

Tonight will require more patience as, barring a trade, you will have to wait until pick number 16 to find out who the next first round Texans rookie will be. So you'll need something to pass the time, and I can think of no better way to maintain interest in a bunch of picks that have little to do with our hometown team than gambling on said picks.

So thanks to the good folks at Bovada, let's take a look at this year's NFL Draft prop bets of note (and in our own special way, preview tonight's first round of the draft):

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Houston Texans Rumored To Be Shopping Safety D.J. Swearinger

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This time last year, everyone around the Houston Texans was still getting used to each other, feeling each other out (metaphorically). Rick Smith was learning how to work with Bill O'Brien, Bill O'Brien was weeks removed from assembling a new staff, and fans had no idea what O'Brien was all about quite yet.

A year later, we all know each other a little bit better, so 48 hours away from the 2015 NFL Draft, we shouldn't really have been at all surprised when we saw this tweet come down yesterday from the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport:

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Roger Goodell Announces NFL Will Forego Its Tax Exempt Status

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When you're under a public relations siege, largely due to your own failings as a leader and a disciplinarian, making the noise go away has a price point. What is the number that makes it worth it for at least some of the public scrutiny to subside?

Of course, the answer to that question depends on a few variables, including just how big an overall revenue pie exists to pay for the P.R. masking agent. For NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, that answer appears to be about $109 million of his league's money over the next decade.

That's the estimated cost to the NFL's central office in foregoing its tax exempt status on a go-forward basis, an announcement that the league made yesterday and a maneuver whose public perception magnitude will far outweigh its actual magnitude.

Let's explain...

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J.J. Watt Tweets Letter to Get Fan Excused From Work

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Get your work-day absence approved by THIS GUY!
Of all the athlete-driven charity events in town, one of the most successful and certainly the most fun is J.J. Watt's charity softball game at Constellation Field in Sugar Land. In the two years that the event has existed, Watt has raised more than $700,000 for his foundation, which is focused on raising money for after-school activities for kids throughout Texas and his native Wisconsin.

The event pits offense against defense, first in a home run derby (which typically exposes guys who haven't spent much time swinging a bat) and then in an actual game. There are memorabilia auctions in the concourse, and did I mention that they sell beer?

All in all, it's a quality event, and the next edition occurs this coming Friday evening, which is a really good excuse to leave work early. And here's the good news -- apparently, if you ask nicely, J.J. will write a note to your boss seeking an excused absence!

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NBA Playoffs 2015: Dallas Is Still Screwed, But Cracks in the Rockets Are Evident

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Monica Fuentes
The Houston Rockets are still going to beat the Dallas Mavericks in this opening-round NBA Playoff series, let's get that out of the way right now. They'll probably do it at home on Tuesday night, and they'll probably do it fairly resoundingly, perhaps just as resoundingly as the Mavericks thrashed them on Sunday night in Dallas.

A sweep would have been nice, only because it would've been -- symbolically, at least -- a sign of dominance over a team that, let's face it, is really fun to dominate and embarrass in every conceivable way. Mark Cuban, Midget Barea, Dirk's Count Chocula face -- there's a lot to "sports hate" about the Dallas Mavericks.

However, one of the benefits of playing a seven-game series each round is that the truth generally bubbles to the surface over a best-of-seven, and honestly, this was a Rockets team that was probably feeling a little too good about itself up 3-0 on a wounded, dysfunctional Mavericks squad.

If the Rockets make a deep playoff run, we will likely look back at Sunday night's 121-109 as a necessary reminder of their flaws, a loss for the greater good.

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NFL Draft 2015: Six Questions That Will Impact the Houston Texans' Draft

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We are down to the final three days before the first round of the NFL Draft, and we are just now beginning to drift into the part of the draft calendar where guys begin inexplicably rising up draft boards (Todd Gurley) or plummeting (Vic Beasley's somehow not being a first round pick in Mel Kiper's latest mock draft) based on merely existing and little else.

It just makes me think back to last year when, for some reason, the NFL thought it would be a good idea to have the draft in the second weekend of May. This meant we had an entire extra week of baseless speculation and faux chess moves. If the 2014 NFL Draft were a piece of toast, it would've been black, burnt, and charred.

I am thankful those days are gone. By the time Thursday rolls around, the 2015 NFL Draft should be ready to pull out of the proverbial toaster perfectly browned and ready to go. And when the Texans pick at 16th (assuming no trades), and again at 50th and 82nd on Friday, their decision making process will likely be regulated by the following key questions:

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