Obama Cracks "Deflate-Gate" Joke on Patriots During White House Visit (w/ VIDEO)

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There was a time for the New England Patriots, back during the dawning of this new millennium from the 2001 through 2004 football seasons, when visits to the White House became old hat.

My radio cohost Ted Johnson was a starting inside linebacker on those first three Patriots Super Bowl champion teams back then, and he jokes about how he became fast friends with then President George W. Bush, working his way to not just a first name basis but a nickname basis.

Back then, the Patriots thought these visits would become a regular thing. However, it turns out they needed another decade (not to mention a miracle interception from cornerback Malcolm Butler) to get back onto the White House lawn.

The most recent trip for the Patriots happened yesterday, and who knew that in a decade the champions' visit to meet the commander in chief had evolved (devolved?) from a cordial round of coffee and pie (figuratively) to a Hollywood roast?

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Former Texan Andre Johnson: Move to Indy "A Breath of Fresh Air"

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Photo by Eric Sauceda
Apparently the grass is greener...
The dissolution of long-term relationships is a complicated thing. They tend to fall into two categories.

On the one side, you have the bitter breakup, after which both sides wish the interpersonal equivalent of a plague on the other party's house. Those vitriolic breakups are raw, but honest. Then on the other side, you have the cordial breakup, where both parties figuratively shake hands and wish the other party the best of luck. Roughly, 98 percent of the cordial breaker-uppers are liars.

Practically everyone privately hopes that their significant other's next slew of relationships fail miserably because we all want to cling to some idealistic notion that we were "their best" (even if, for many of us, being the best at anything is a virtual impossibility).

I say all of this to lead up to our first update on former Texan Andre Johnson, who broke up with the Texans back in March, and with whom many of you out there tried to conduct a cordial breakup when it all went down.

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Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy Suspended 10 Games for Domestic Violence Incident

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Shea Huening via Flickr
Wow, it was a rough Wednesday for the city of Dallas. Of course, there was the 24 hour period where the Rockets shoved the Mavericks to within a half step of falling into the NBA playoff canyon, and then the team essentially fired its point guard (for whom they traded three players, two draft picks, and a nearly $13 million trade exception). That was fun.

Of course, you had to know that Jerry Jones wasn't going to let Mark Cuban have all of the fun, right? No way. The Cowboys had to get in on some of the fun.

And so it was that on Wednesday, the newest Dallas Cowboy, defensive end and noted domestic abuser Greg Hardy was slapped with a 10 game suspension by the NFL for the physical abuse of his girlfriend last year when Hardy was a member of the Carolina Panthers.

The details of the NFL's two month investigation confirm some pretty shocking details of the incident between Hardy and his then girlfriend Nicole Holder. From the Twitter feed of Yahoo! Sports' Rand Getlin:

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Rajon Rondo Is Done for the Playoffs With an "Injured Back"

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Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make. Along the multiyear journey of building the 2014-15 Houston Rockets, general manager Daryl Morey has learned and relearned this lesson a handful of times.

Ultimately, after an offseason in which they swung and missed on numerous free agents, perhaps this season's Rockets will be the ultimate reinforcement of that adage. Either way, whether they win a title or not, it is undeniable that the Rockets should be thankful that any interest they had in Rajon Rondo back in December didn't turn into Rondo's becoming a Rocket.

The surly, truculent eighth year point guard is the Dallas Mavericks problem now, and on Tuesday, after a Game 2 in which Rondo obliterated every semblance of teamwork and winning culture, Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle opted to put that problem in the freezer.

Per ESPN.com's Marc Stein, the news came down this afternoon:

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Houston Texans Announce 2015 Schedule

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Of all its properties and assets, perhaps the one that the NFL most grossly misuses and improperly leverages is the reveal of the upcoming season's schedule. Fans in NFL cities love finding out when and where their teams are going to play in the upcoming season, and how many primetime games their teams will have.

And yet the NFL treats it with the urgency and magnitude of an appointment at Supercuts, waiting to nail down the exact date and time of the unveiling until like 48 hours before that date. I don't get it, but it's not my job to get it. It's my job to analyze it once the schedule is released.

After a few leaks here and there on Tuesday afternoon, we finally got the goods on Tuesday night. Here is the Houston Texans 2015 schedule:

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Warren Sapp Prostitution Arrest Police Video Released By TMZ (w/ VIDEO)

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via TMZ Sports
There are very few people that I would root for to get arrested and then be publicly shamed on the internet by having TMZ leak their interrogation video to the entire world. VERY few. But make no mistake, Warren Sapp is one of those people.

The Hall of Fame former defensive tackle who, up until the incident for which police are questioning him in this post, was working for the NFL Network as an analyst, has a reputation behind the scenes that ranges anywhere from annoying to diva to chronic mistreater of other human beings.

So when Sapp was popped for two counts of assault and another count of solicitation of a prostitute at this year's Super Bowl, I figured this was just karma evening life's scoreboard for years of Sapp treating non-football players like fecal waste.

In other words, what comes around goes around.

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Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins on Andre Johnson's Departure: "No Comment"

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Photo by Eric Sauseda
The 2015 season unofficially began on Monday as the Texans returned to NRG Stadium to begin voluntary workouts. It's the "first day of school" date on the NFL calendar, where guys return from their vacations, talk about what they did during their time off, and meet the new kids in class (what's up Vince, Cecil, and Rahim?).

Unlike last season, when Andre Johnson was digging his heels in for a summer of discontent, there's no real off field drama or ill will surrounding this group this season. Just a bunch of guys ready to get to work to try and improve on last season's 9-7 record.

Still, even in Johnson's absence, the future Hall of Famer was still a topic, despite best efforts to diffuse the Johnson talk by somebody in the building.

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Clutch City: An Oral History of the Houston Rockets Miracle Playoff Run

Getty Images/Houston Rockets

Resting on the coffee table in Leslie Alexander's suite at the Toyota Center, the Rockets' two championship trophies look exactly the same. Both a little tarnished from handprints and the normal wear and tear of two decades of team functions and selfies, they stand proudly, gold basketball teetering atop the gold net and rim.

However, any Rockets fan knows that the stories behind the two trophies couldn't be more different. That 1993-94 trophy, the prize from a series in which the Rockets overcame Patrick Ewing, John Starks and the O.J. Simpson Chase (NBC cut away from Game 5 to follow the chase, then did split-screen coverage of both), was won by a team that was a model of consistency, formulaic but effective. Hakeem Olajuwon and a band of souped up-role players, who played their roles perfectly. Dump it in to the big guy, let him draw double teams; if he kicks it out, just make the shot. And at the other end, DEFEND. DEFEND like they're attacking your home.

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Houston Rockets Playoffs 2015: Sorry Dallas, You're Screwed

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Monica Fuentes
In the throes of January and February, the cold "dog days" of the NBA regular season, we hear about teams routinely resting star players for the "long haul" and the "greater good," but when you play in the NBA's Western Conference, we were reminded this season that every game matters.

Every game was the difference between the six seed and the two seed, and as the third seeded Clippers were finishing their mopping of the floor with the sixth seeded Spurs on Sunday night (R.I.P. Aron Baynes, by the way), we got another reminder as to why we all rooted for the Rockets against the Jazz last Wednesday in Regular Season Game 82 like it was a playoff game, and why we stuck around to watch the waning moments of that Pelicans-Spurs game on the big screen.

The first reminder, though, came Saturday night. Rockets 118, Mavericks 108. This is why getting the two seed was so important. Because the Mavericks are ill equipped to deal with the Houston Rockets.

Completely, utterly, totally, ill equipped.

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Patriots WR Julian Edelman Creates Hilarious NFL-Star Wars Mashup (w/ VIDEO)

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In this day and age of YouTube, where we can watch pretty much anything we want to any time we want to from a device that we are holding in our hands, for upcoming blockbuster films, the release of its movie trailer is sometimes greeted with almost as much enthusiasm as the movie itself.

And the best movie trailers make us drool in anticipation of whatever movie it is they are selling to us.

The internet experienced that sensation this past week when the creators of the upcoming Star Wars movie released the second trailer for Episode 7 ("The Force Awakens" if you're into the exact moniker for the various chapters in the series). This one received particular praise for the inclusion of a 70-something Harrison Ford in the final few seconds.

Here's the trailer:

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