Aaron Hernandez's Bar Tab From the Night Odin Lloyd Was Killed (w/ VIDEO)

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wave your hands in the air, like you just don't care!
Most of us, thankfully, have no first hand knowledge of what goes through the mind of a murderer mere hours before he or she commits such a dastardly deed.

Now, we are not completely certain that former New England Patriots tight end (and current guest of the Massachusetts correctional system) Aaron Hernandez is, in fact, a murderer, although the overwhelming pile of evidence seems to indicate that, at the very least, he sure does find himself near lots of guns and crime scenes.

Hernandez is currently being tried for the murder of Odin Lloyd, so if he is indeed convicted of this crime, surveillance footage played during testimony on Thursday morning would, in theory, give us a window into the mind of at least one convicted murderer just hours before killing another man.

And the answer appears to be that, just prior to killing someone, a murderer likes to wave his hands in the air, like he just don't care!

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Adrian Peterson's Suspension Overturned By Judge

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When it comes to off the field crime during the NFL's calendar year, 2014 will be remembered as much for Roger Goodell's questionable handling of punishment as it will be for the crimes themselves.

Of course, there was the Ray Rice domestic assault case, whose discipline process set a new standard for offensiveness and ineptitude, complete with Goodell possibly lying about Rice's testimony in their sit-down meeting and a total overreaction (to their initial under-reaction) by the Ravens and the league to the release of the video of the incident in which Rice struck his fiancé. Eventually, that mess had to be cleaned up by somebody else, with Rice getting reinstated upon appeal.

Then there was Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's child abuse case, in which Peterson sat out over two months of the season while he was in court, eventually plead to a lesser charge, and was still suspended until April 2015, despite being told he'd be credited for time served. Like Rice, Peterson appealed.

And like Rice, Peterson's Goodell mess had to be cleaned up by somebody else.

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Houston Texans Notes: Quessenberry's Cancer in Remission

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The NFL has done a nice job of making sure there are very few dead spots in the offseason calendar. Even when there's no football being played, the NFL season always seems to be in motion.

However, this week and next week are the closest things we will get to a lull between now and post draft minicamps. The combine is over, and the next action item is March 10, when the 2015 league year (and free agency) begins.

So to get a charity appearance from a handful of players with so many juicy news nuggets as today's appearance at Texas Children's Hospital is truly a gift from the football gods!

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Derrick Rose Out for the Season, NBA Injury Carnage Pileup Continues

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By nikk_la (Flickr: IMG_2227) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Take one look at the NBA standings, and you can tell this has been a weird NBA season. The two teams that are leading their respective conferences are Atlanta in the East and Golden State in the West. Last season, those two teams were their respective conferences' eight and six seeds.

So much has been turned upside down in both conferences, and it's not due solely to player movement in the offseason. Honestly, the only player of any material, standings-altering significance to change teams in the offseason was LeBron James (whose team barely has home court in the first round right now...like I said, weird).

Yes, certain teams have improved through either logical progression and growth (Atlanta, Memphis, Golden State) or addition by subtraction (beat it, Mark Jackson). But when this postseason rolls around, perhaps the defining characteristic of this season will ultimately be how injuries reshaped the landscape.

And the latest in this disturbing trend of players going down hurt might be the most catastrophic long-term, as Derrick Rose's season ended last night with another knee injury.

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Michael Sam Reportedly Slated for Next Season of Dancing With The Stars

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Of all the marquee reality television shows, the one that has utilized current and former NFL players to the greatest extent (and it's really not even that close) is ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

Former NFL standouts Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward are former DWTS champions, and in seasons past, the show has also featured Jerry Rice, Warren Sapp and Jason Taylor coming in second place. Former Houston Texan Jacoby Jones parlayed his 15 minutes of good football into a berth on the show in 2013.

However, those players all had certain things in common. They were either retired or, in the case of Jones, an established player under a lucrative contract.

Michael Sam is neither retired nor established. However, he will reportedly become the first hopeful NFL player to appear on the program this coming season.

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Rockets Beat Timberwolves, James Harden Destroys Ricky Rubio (w/ VIDEO)

Starting on Wednesday, over the course of one week, the Rockets will play the Clippers and Cavaliers at home (with a breather against Brooklyn in between), a road game in Atlanta, before coming back home to take on the Memphis Grizzlies. There's not much arguable about it -- that is the most brutal and crucial five-game patch of schedule this season.

And when you're trying to do it without Dwight Howard (which they will be), it makes games like Monday's against the Minnesota Timberwolves that much more critical. When bad teams come in, you have to put the stake in their heart early and ruin their will to live.

Well, the Rockets didn't exactly do that. They let the Timberwolves jump out to an early seven-point lead, let them hang round in the fourth quarter, before eventually notching a 113-102 win at Toyota Center Monday night.

But the game itself was not the biggest story coming out of Monday's tussle. There was a figurative career death on the floor Monday night.

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The Last Gladiators: Bronco Riders Earn Their Money the Hard Way, 8 Seconds at a Time

Courtesy of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Clint Cannon loved playing football but was drawn to rodeo as a career.
The cowboy climbs atop the bronco and slips his glove-clad hand into the rigging. On his cue, the gate fires open. In the blink of an eye, the bronco transforms into a hurricane with hooves. Man versus beast has begun, and man is armed with nothing.

Due in large part to repeated jabs to its torso from the spurs on the cowboy's boots, the incensed 1,200-pound beast tries to toss the cowboy from its bare back as quickly and violently as possible, using a series of one-second kicks and thrusts each of which jolts the cowboy's skeletal system in ways normally reserved for a crash-test dummy.

If the cowboy is lucky, he will last for eight seconds up there. If the cowboy is lucky, he will come away with just a few bruises and a wildly sore back. If the cowboy is lucky, he will be able to cover his expenses and entry costs with his prize money.

Either way, whatever happens, we are all entertained.

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WWE Fast Lane PPV Sets Up Big Matches for Wrestlemania 31

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We live in an amazing time to be a television watcher, and I'm not just talking about the variety of choices and the flexibility that we have to watch what we want, when we want (via DVR and On Demand). I'm talking about watching what we want, multiple shows, all at the same time!

On Sunday night, the schedule included the Oscars (a treasure trove of show content for Monday), random NBA basketball games (gambling!), and the WWE's final pay per view before Wrestelmania 31 in early April, their "Fast Lane" pay per view.

So we had the Oscars going on the big screen (keeping my girlfriend happy, stealth move), hoops on the iPad, and WWE on the computer (with headphones), all while tweeting on my iPhone. It was truly glorious. And knowing that I had to write about something this morning, and knowing that a) the Press has someone else on Oscar duty and b) I only watched like five minutes of the NFL's combine (and I refuse to fake like I did watch it), we are left with a post on WWE's pay per view Sunday night.

That's not the worst thing in the world! So let's first recap where we were the Monday after the WWE's last pay per view, the Royal Rumble with its borderline disaster main event Rumble match....

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NFL Combine: 5 Things We Learned From Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith

Photo by Aaron M. Sprecher
Bill O'Brien
I'll admit, I am a bit of a press conference junkie, especially with NFL head coaches, the one category of sports personnel who are on a very regimented communication schedule, and from whom many times you can learn as much from what they don't say as you do from what they do say (or how they say it....confused yet?).

In the pantheon of NFL head coach (and GM) interviews, among the most revealing are the sessions at the NFL combine, mostly because they're facing a national media throng who know that asking an uncomfortable question won't result in any ill will for the next 17 weeks from the coach or GM.

To that end, Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith had their turn at the combine on Thursday. Here's a quick rundown on what we learned:

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NBA Trade Deadline: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

It was calm for a while yesterday, and it looked, even up until around lunchtime, like the NBA trade deadline was just gonna be a big nothing.

And then Portland traded for Aaron Afflalo, and the floodgates opened up. By the time it was all said and done, 37 players had changed teams, about a half dozen starting-caliber point guards were moved, and Goran Dragic (and his brother, Zoran) finally had a new home (and it wasn't Houston).

Oh, and Daryl Morey kept his streak alive -- eight straight trade deadline days with at least one trade. It's one of the most hallowed streaks in sports.

DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. UCLA's 88-game winning streak. The Undertaker's 21-match streak at Wrestlemania. Morey's eight straight deadlines. Boom.

As always, there were winners and losers. Let's examine more closely...

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