Mother Charged With Brutally Stabbing 4-Year-Old Son

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Authorities responded to James River Lane in northwest Harris County Thursday to reports a mother was brutally stabbing and beating her son.
Sheriff's deputies were called out to a northwest Harris County neighborhood yesterday after a passing driver saw a mother dragging her young son out of a house and throwing him onto the pavement. When police finally got there, they encountered a disturbing scene.

The mother, police say, had badly mutilated her son with a knife, stabbing the four-year-old boy all over his body, before dragging him out of the house to continue assaulting him in the driveway. The mother, 23-year-old Jenea Mungia, was topless when deputies arrived, according to KTRK. Medical responders airlifted the boy to Memorial Herman, taking him straight to surgery.

"Evidently she was in some kind of state," Harris County sheriff's deputy Thomas Gilliland told the Chron. "The scene itself was a terrible one for deputies to arrive to."

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Houston's Rape-Kit Backlog Got 850 Matches in FBI DNA Database

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By William Darnell

City officials announced Monday that Houston's massive, decade-spanning rape kit backlog has been eliminated.

Mayor Annise Parker, joined at City Hall by Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson and law enforcement officials, said the more than 6,000 previously untested rape kits were now tested and uploaded to a national database. Parker called it "significant" that Houston was one of the first cities to bring its backlog up to date.

"This was not a Houston problem, this was not a Texas problem, this was a nationwide issue that built up over years and years," Parker said. "This milestone is of special importance to rape survivors and their families and friends because it means their cases are receiving the attention they should have years ago."

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Teen Victim to Teen Madam: Among All the Kids Money Mike Handed $100 Bills For Sex, One Was Charged With a Felony

Cara had just jumped out of the shower, thrown on a T-shirt and plopped down on the couch to finish some homework when she heard someone pounding at the front door. She was stunned by what she saw when she peered out the window: Several uniformed police officers had gathered on her lawn, some, she thought, with guns drawn, "like I was some killer or something." Police cruisers swarmed the front of her father's League City home.

Cara (not her real name) recognized one officer in particular, Webster police detective David Nettles, who shouted that he was there to arrest her. As soon as she saw him, Cara knew why Nettles was at her doorstep.

Weeks earlier, Cara had lied to the detective about what happened with Money Mike, the nickname Cara and her friends gave the 62-year-old big-tipping regular at her old restaurant job. She met the Friendswood businessman the summer of 2013, right before her sophomore year in high school.

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Texas Has Quite Literally Run Out of Places to House Violent Sexual Predators

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...of course they would
According to the head of the bluntly named Office of Violent Sex Offender Management, the agency has run out of room to house the worst of the worst sex offenders who have been sent to the state's controversial civil commitment program.

At least two convicts are currently finishing their sentences and are slated to enter the program by next week, agency director Marsha McLane warned the Senate Finance Committee yesterday. More than two dozen are set to enter the program by August. And there's nowhere to put them. McLane told lawmakers she's actively searching for places willing to house the offenders, but that "everyone I've called, no one has come up with a building we can move into."

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DA: Accused Islamic Center Arsonist Said He "Hated Muslims"

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The Harris County District Attorney's Office claims the man charged with setting fire to a southeast Houston Islamic community center told a witness he "hated Muslims" sometime after starting the blaze.

Darryl D. Ferguson, 55, was arrested late Monday and charged with felony first degree arson in the torching of the Quba Islamic Institute last Friday. The fire ripped through the vacant building, which had recently been bought by the Institute with plans of turning it into a community center (luckily, no injuries were reported).

See also: Ugly Social Media Response to Suspected Arson at Islamic Community Center

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Ugly Social Media Response to Suspected Arson at Islamic Community Center

Screengrab from Facebook
The social media response to the Quba Islamic Institute fire hasn't exactly been encouraging.

In the wake of the fire that gutted a building owned by the Quba Islamic Institute last Friday, people have taken to social media to air their thoughts and opinions about the suspicious fire. Go figure that a lot of those thoughts have been remarkably ugly and lobbed directly at the Islamic community center.

Within hours investigators with the Houston Fire Department told Imam Zahid Abdullah that it looked like the fire was started using accelerants, a strong indication that the fire wasn't an accident. (HFD officials announced that Darryl Ferguson, 55, had been arrested and charged with felony first degree arson late Monday, according to KTRK.) The center posted this information on Facebook and has also been fielding questions from people interested in making a donation to help the center.

But in addition to a lot of good will from social media, people have been posting on the Quba Islamic Institute's Facebook page with comments that run the gamut from snide glee to blatant bigotry. The fire is the first serious incident that has occurred at the institute since Abdullah opened it about two years ago, he says. That has made some of the negative comments on social media that much more shocking, he says. "It definitely makes you think and wonder why people think that way," Abdullah says. "It's a very simple thing. You have to understand that we are here to promote love, that's all. That's what the prophets Mohamed, Moses and Jesus have demonstrated all their lives and we have to be followers of those teachings."

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Arson Suspected in Fire at Islamic Community Center

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After a fire at an Islamic community center in southeast Houston, a group is calling on law enforcement to investigate the incident to find out if it's a hate crime.

Houston fire officials say the fire at the Quba Islamic Institute started at about 5 a.m. Friday morning, according to KTRK. The fire ripped through the vacant building, recently purchased by the Quba Islamic Institute with plans to turn it into a community center, KHOU reports.

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UPDATED Son of Slain Episcopal Priest Arrested, Charged With Murdering Family

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Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe

Update 3:30 p.m.: We have obtained a copy of the criminal complaint filed in the case, which outlines many previously unreported details surrounding the deaths of the Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe, 51, his wife, Dorcus Ahimbisibwe, 47, and their five-year-old son, Israel Ahimbisibwe Jr. This story has been updated throughout.


Police have arrested the teenage son of an Episcopal priest who was found dead in his apartment Monday morning alongside the bodies of his wife and five-year-old son.

Isaac Tiharihondi, 19, was arrested in Mississippi early Wednesday morning, according to a statement from the Houston Police Department. He's been charged with two counts of capital murder, accused of killing his parents, the Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe, 51, Dorcus Ahimbisibwe, 47, and their son Israel Ahimbisibwe, Jr., 5.

Parishioners at Church of the Redeemer first suspected something was awry when Rev. Ahimbisibwe failed to show for services on Sunday. According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, multiple friends called the Memorial-area apartment complex where the family lived saying they hadn't seen the Ahimbisibwes in several days. Knocks at the apartment door and phone calls went unanswered, so by Monday morning a maintenance worker forced his way into the apartment -- the front and back doors had been dead-bolted from the inside, so the worker had to break a window to get into the apartment. Once inside, the maintenance worker discovered a horrific scene and called police.

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Meth, Mistaken Identity Lead to Kidnapping Attempt

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Shane Davis
Shane Davis, 41, lives in Houston. Davis does have a five-year-old daughter, but she does not live in Houston. Unfortunately, meth can make simple details like these very difficult to remember.

On the morning of January 28, a 37-year-old woman and her three-year-old daughter, neither of whom are named Nellie, were taking what was probably a delightful stroll through Memorial Park when a stranger, later identified as Davis, approached them yelling the name "Nellie." The mother tried to ignore Davis but he persisted, yelling, "Ma'am, you have my daughter, that's my daughter, give her back to me," according to court records.

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Harris County Sheriff's Deputies Arrested a Lot of Dudes Looking for Prostitutes Last Month

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Steven Spoon, Jerry White and Tommy Austad were among the Houston area arrests.
Over the course of two weeks, the Harris County Sheriff's Department cuffed 100 "johns" looking for prostitutes, more than any other department in a national sting operation involving 37 law enforcement agencies across 17 states. HCSO says the arrests came during the ninth "National Day of Johns Arrests."

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