Former Kroger Worker Sues Grocery Chain, Says Managers Ignored Sexual Harassment

Michael Kudela via Flicker

Months of unanswered complaints about disturbing sexual harassment by a coworker led a local man to file suit against a Texas grocery store chain last week.

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If the Harris County DA Calls You About Your Loan, Don't Worry. It's a Scam.

Categories: Crime

Photo by daBinsi via Flickr
So, apparently criminals impersonating the Harris County District Attorney's office staff are calling residents and asking questions about loans in order to gain...well...we're not sure what they've managed to gain, but it's definitely a scam.

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Police Looking for Fred Durst Doppelgänger Linked to Sexual Assaults

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office are looking for a man who they say is preying on women in the Fifth Ward and is responsible for at least four sexual assaults in the past six weeks.

While the police sketch may bear a strange resemblance to Fred Durst, the '90s white-boy rock-rapper popular with aggro frat boys who like to break stuff, this guy is much, much more dangerous.

According to police, the tattooed suspect has been picking up women who are working as escorts in the Fifth Ward area, just northeast of downtown. The women were then driven to Penn City Road in east Harris County, where they were brutally physically and sexually assaulted.

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UPDATED Constable Victor Trevino Rejects Sweetheart Deal, Then Pleads Guilty to Felony After One Day of Trial

Categories: Courts, Crime

Harris County Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino could've skated by four felony indictments by simply resigning, accepting a slap on the wrist, and copping to the equivalent of a traffic violation. But Trevino rejected the deal offered by the Harris County District Attorney's Office early this year, opting instead to go to trial late last week on corruption charges.

Well, that gamble backfired. Following opening arguments in his trial Friday, Trevino on Monday pleaded guilty to misapplication of fiduciary duty, a felony that could put him in prison for up to 10 years. Prosecutors alleged Trevino siphoned cash from his charity, the Constable's Athletic Recreational and Education Events Inc., to buy Lotto tickets and fund gambling trips to Louisiana. Prosecutors also accused Trevino of failing to report campaign cash contributions and for letting his on-the-clock deputies serve eviction notices for landlords.

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Mom Sentenced for Stowing Gun in Boy's Backpack Because He Was Mean To Her Kids

Categories: Courts, Crime

Heather Hodges
A Conroe mom who attempted to get her boyfriend's middle school son in trouble at school by stowing a gun in his backpack has been sentenced to prison for the crime.

A judge sentenced 28-year-old Heather Hodges Thursday to three years in prison following her guilty plea on charges of unlawful carrying of a weapon on restricted premises. Hodges was arrested and charged in 2012 after planting a gun in the 13-year-old boy's backpack and then calling the school to get him caught.

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Houston's Creepiest Unsolved Murder Mysteries

Facebook/The Ice Box Murders
There's nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned murder mystery, and when it comes to creepy cold cases, Houston has plenty of 'em to choose from.

From the notorious I-45 "Killing Fields" to the grisly, gut-churning "Ice Box Murders," the Bayou City has been home to some seriously disturbing, and unsolved, murder mysteries.

But even with the vaults full of cold case files, there are five open murder cases, which span decades of Houston history, that we just can't seem to shake from our memories.

These are Houston's five most unsettling -- and unsolved -- murder mysteries. Time to sleep with the lights on, folks.

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Four Houston Women Accused of Selling Young Girls in Local Brothels

Categories: Crime, Immigration

Four Houston women have been arrested and accused of forcing underage girls into prostitution in apartments that doubled as illegal underground brothels on the city's West side.

53-year-old Blasina Vargas, 63-year-old Luisa Vargas, 48-year-old Dolores Vargas and Ignacio Escandon are charged with three counts of sex trafficking of a minor, and one count of conspiring to harbor illegal aliens, authorities announced Wednesday.

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Police Release Video of Man Wanted for Questioning in CenterPoint Parking Garage Death


Houston police have released surveillance video of someone wanted for questioning in the death of a man who was found bludgeoned to death in a downtown parking garage on Sunday night.

Police this week identified the victim as 27-year-old Cory Roussell, whose body was found at about 10:50 p.m. Sunday night on one of the parking garage floors of the CenterPoint building at 1111 Louisiana Street. Police say Roussell died from blunt force trauma to the head.

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Lab Reports Show Hundreds "Convicted in Error" for Drug Offenses

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In recent months the Harris County District Attorney's Office has sent out hundreds of notices to defendants convicted of drug offenses, telling them that forensic lab reports show they were "convicted in error."

The Houston Press has obtained copies of those letters from Wayne Dolcefino, a former investigative reporter and consultant working with the Democratic DA candidate Kim Ogg, who's hoping to unseat incumbent Devon Anderson in next week's election.

The letters, which were sent between July and September 2014, show hundreds of defendants who took plea deals for misdemeanor and felony drug possession charges were later cleared when evidence tested by an HPD crime lab analyst came up negative for a controlled substance. Court records show that while prosecutors were notified several years ago that those tests came back negative, defendants weren't told until months ago.

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Babysitter Accused of Causing Toddler's Scalding Death

A Houston woman has been arrested and charged in connection with the scalding death of a toddler whose injuries were so devastating that the skin around her elbows "slipped off" when she was removed from the boiling water.

20-year-old Carmen Pleasant was babysitting Nevaeh Cornwall, 2, and a younger sibling on July 31 when, according to court documents, she found the toddler in a tub full of scalding water so hot that the child eventually died from the injuries.

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