Police Release Video of Man Wanted For Questioning In CenterPoint Parking Garage Death


Houston police have released surveillance video of someone wanted for questioning in the death of a man who was found bludgeoned to death in a downtown parking garage on Sunday night.

Police this week identified the victis as 27-year-old Cory Roussell, whose body was found at about 10:50 p.m. Sunday night on one of the parking garage floors of the CenterPoint building at 1111 Louisiana Street. Police say Roussell died from blunt force trauma to the head.

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Lab Reports Show Hundreds "Convicted in Error" For Drug Offenses

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In recent months the Harris County District Attorney's Office has sent out hundreds of notices to defendants convicted of drug offenses, telling them that forensic lab reports show they were "convicted in error."

The Houston Press has obtained copies of those letters from Wayne Dolcefino, a former investigative reporter and consultant working with the Democratic DA candidate Kim Ogg, who's hoping to unseat incumbent Devon Anderson in next week's election.

The letters, which were sent between July and September 2014, show hundreds of defendants who took plea deals for misdemeanor and felony drug possession charges were later cleared when evidence tested by an HPD crime lab analyst came up negative for a controlled substance. Court records show that while prosecutors were notified several years ago that those tests came back negative, defendants weren't told until months ago.

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Babysitter Accused of Causing Toddler's Scalding Death

A Houston woman has been arrested and charged in connection with the scalding death of a toddler whose injuries were so devastating that the skin around her elbows "slipped off" when she was removed from the boiling water.

20-year-old Carmen Pleasant was babysitting Nevaeh Cornwall, 2, and a younger sibling on July 31 when, according to court documents, she found the toddler in a tub full of scalding water so hot that the child eventually died from the injuries.

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Officer Suspended for Allegedly Demanding to Smell Woman's Feet, Underwear

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An alleged foot and underwear fetish has prompted Cy-Fair ISD to suspend Officer Patrick Quinn, a licensed peace officer with the district.

Cy-Fair suspended Quinn Monday after Harris County prosecutors filed two charges of official oppression against him in a strange case stemming from an early August traffic stop.

Officer Quinn stopped a woman at about 3 a.m., August 11, near Jones and West Road, according to court documents filed in the case. Quinn told the woman that he pulled her over because her insurance was expired.

After that, things get weird.

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Man Accidentally Shot in Face After Wrestling Gun-Toting Infant

Thumbnail image for 296850879_b7509087d9_m.jpg
Photo by Megan Ann via Flickr
A gun falls out of a sleeping man's pocket...Stop us if you've heard this one.

Houston police are investigating the apparent accidental shooting of 20-year-old Patrick Sanders Saturday after a gun fell out of his pocket during a nap and landed in the hands of an infant.

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Sex Offender Charged With Raping Toddler, Teen Was "Low" Risk

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Facebook screenshot.
Wilson commented on his Facebook profile in June that "i just had something...on my mind and couldn't think straight."
The Houston man charged with raping a toddler and teenager and infecting both with HIV was listed as a low-risk sex offender in the state's database, despite two previous violations of court orders -- and a Facebook profile pic showing him cradling a toddler.

David Richard Wilson, 33, also gave his son's mother HIV after he knew he was already infected, according to the woman, who asked not to be named. The 30-year-old said she was diagnosed in 2013, and Wilson denied having HIV when she notified him.

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Latest Victims of Timbergrove Cat Killer Speak Out

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Courtesy Chris and Kimberly Elliott
Let's get some justice for Moe and all the others.
Chris and Kimberly Elliott woke up last Friday morning to a nightmare: the front quarter of their beloved cat Moe, placed conspicuously on their yard, so it would be the first thing they'd see when they opened the front door.

A blood trail was visible from a pool under a streetlight to the remains on the lawn.

"Our yard was a crime scene," Chris told the Houston Press. The Elliotts' cat had just become the latest victim in a string of grisly cat mutilations in the Timbergrove and Lazybrook subdivisions west of the Heights.

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Riverside Hospital CEO Convicted of Fraud

Image from Google Street View

Earnest Gibson III, Riverside's General Hospital's CEO of more than 30 years, was convicted Monday of conspiring to buy and sell patients in a Medicare and Medicaid scam that siphoned $158 million from government coffers.

Also convicted and awaiting sentencing are his son Earnest Gibson IV, Riverside auditor Regina Askew and Robert Crane, a shuttle driver. Federal prosecutors stated in trial that Crane admitted to an investigating officer he was in the business of referring clients to Riverside's drug and mental health treatment program in return for cash, and then Askew would furnish the paperwork to cover up any wrongdoing. Investigators said inconsistencies in the hospital's books proved that so-called hourly marketers were really headhunters paid a flat rate for every patient they enrolled at Riverside.

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Harris County, Industrial Companies Meet in Court Over Toxic Waste Dump

Photo from the EPA
An aerial photo shows the 20-acre San Jacinto River Waste Pits situated beside Channelview and Highlands.

On Thursday Harris County attorneys went head-to-head with Fortune 500 companies they blame for polluting the San Jacinto River nearly 50 years ago.

With $3.7 billion worth in penalties and attorneys' fees on the line, the county's opening statements in the long-awaited environmental enforcement trial hinged on the responsible companies' intentional abandonment of a former waste dump. The companies counterargument: environmental regulations weren't enforced until well after they started dumping.

The fact of the matter is there are currently 20 acres of toxic paper mill sludge sitting in the San Jacinto River, nicknamed the Waste Pits. They were created when the Pasadena-based Champion Paper contracted with McGinnes Industrial Maintenance Corporation to dispose of its industrial waste in a man-made enclosure inside the river, bounded by clay levees. After the Waste Pits filled, McGinnes elected to abandon them. Over time, carcinogenic chemicals leaked out into the river system.

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UPDATED Video Shows Montgomery County Constable's Deputies Lied in Affidavit and in Court to Justify Warrantless Drug Raid

From the Texas Takedown video, U.S. District Court records
Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden

See an update at the bottom of this post on who may have filmed the video that's now the basis of this lawsuit.

A few years back, Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth Hayden -- or "Rowdy," as he likes to be called -- opened his doors for a Montgomery County Police Reporter cameraman to shadow him and his deputies on the job. The result was Cops-style reality show, narrated by Dean Cain (yes, that Dean Cain), dubbed Texas Takedown: The Real Men in Black, which asked viewers to "stick around and ride with Rowdy as he continues to clean up east county."

Evidently cleaning up east county also meant lying in court documents and on the stand to justify a warrantless drug raid. According to documents filed in court and a Texas Takedown video showing one 2011 drug raid, Constable Hayden's deputies made up key details about the bust in an affidavit and in court testimony.

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