UPDATED HISD to Consider Resignation of Controversial Elementary School Teacher Angela Box

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Updated December 4 at 10:45 a.m.
: The HISD Board of Education signed off on Angela Box's resignation Thursday morning in a special meeting. HISD says that Box, whose resignation will take effect immediately, will receive the equivalent of three months' pay.


Original story:

It looks like the controversial HISD elementary school teacher, best known for using phrases like "boy-fucking Muslims" and "bacon haters," may be trading in those shiny red apples for greener pastures. Well, if the agenda for the HISD board's special meeting on Thursday is any indicator, anyway.

According to the board's December 4th special meeting agenda, one of the issues the board will be discussing is the "resignation and release agreement for Angela Box, teacher at Daily Elementary School."

If that name doesn't ring a bell, allow us to refresh your minds.

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HISD Teacher Who Called Muslims "Goat-Fuckers" Challenges Quanell X Over Racism Accusations

Screenshot, Tommy's Garage

The controversial HISD teacher who made disparaging comments about Muslims on a local conservative cable access TV show is now challenging community activist Quanell X for accusing her of being a racist.

Angela Box, a third-grade teacher at HISD's Ray K. Daily Elementary School on the West side of Houston, was accused by Quanell X late last week of using the "N word" while referring to President Obama in a press conference in front of the school.

It was a charge Box vehemently denied, and it turns out she was telling the truth. Quanell addressed the war over the "N word" accusation Wednesday, saying that it turns out his "publicist made a mistake." Box is now demanding an apology from the community leader.

"This is a lie," she said. "I demand that Quanell X apologize to me."

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Local Islamic Group Wants Probe Into HISD Teacher Who Called Muslims "Goat-Fuckers"

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The Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling for HISD to launch an independent investigation into whether a teacher's blatantly anti-Muslim views have bled over into the classroom.

In a letter sent to HISD Superintendent Terry Grier on Tuesday, CAIR questioned the decision by the district to keep Angela Box, a third-grade teacher at Ray Daily Elementary School who referred to Muslims as "goat-fuckers" and "bacon-haters," on staff.

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HISD Teacher Angela Box Says She's Sick of "Bacon-Haters" and "Goat-Fucking Muslims" on TV Show

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Should you be an elementary school teacher who wants to make racist comments, just go the full Monty and do so in someone's garage while seated next to a guy in a Metallica shirt.

After all, that's exactly what Angela Box, a third grade teacher from Houston Independent School District's Daily Elementary School, does when she appears on the weekly public access TV show "Tommy's Garage."

Box, a regular on the show, recently came under fire after community leader Quanell X called for her to be fired from her job teaching third-graders at Ray Daily Elementary School, attributing a quote that uses the "N word" to the teacher. Box denies the accusations, calling the charges "inflammatory" and "offensive," and so far, Quanell has provided no evidence to the contrary.

But even if Quanell never hands over evidence of Box dropping the n-word, there's still plenty of material to work with from "Tommy's Garage," where Box openly spouts off on politically charged topics, making racist comments and spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric like it's going out of style. She also uses terms like "goat-fucking Muslims" and "boy-fucking Muslims," which seems awesome for an elementary teacher, right?

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The TEA Is Schooling Teachers on Boundaries by Using These Super-Creepy Videos


Well, it appears someone at the Texas Education Agency has taken the phrase "fight fire with fire" quite literally.

In order to combat predatory behavior by Texas teachers, the TEA has done the only thing that makes sense: They've released a series of videos on teacher-student ethics that are just about as creepy as the problem they're trying to tackle.

But hey! Those creepy training videos are done in a clever sitcom style, so it's fine.

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TEA Investigating More Shady Student-Teacher Relationships

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Ashley Zehnder
The Texas Education Agency is reporting a rise in the number of investigations opened on allegations of inappropriate student-teacher relationships over the past three years, according to newly released numbers by the agency.

The number of investigations into student-teacher relationships has risen from 141 in 2009-10 to 179 in 2013-14, according to the agency. Under the state penal code, a school district employee who engages in sexual contact with a student is committing a second-degree felony, even if the student is 18 years of age or older.

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Local Pickup Artist Is at War With Women

Photo by Susan Du
I don't get drunk I get me.

A boys' football coach by day, after hours Russell Carter coaches hardened men in an entirely different game. The playing field is Saint Dane's on a Tuesday night. The ball is in the court of the first beautiful woman who catches his eye -- anyone who rates a nine or 10.

Carter introduces himself. He's 25, tall and muscular with a winning smile. He's a natural comedian, so conversation is easy-flowing. Suddenly he leans in, squinting at the woman's nose. "Wow, you've got a bit of a schnoozle there don't you?" At that point, she recoils, reaching up to cover her face. Carter laughs and apologizes for acting like a kid on a playground. He explains that he likes her but doesn't know how to tell her yet. She relaxes a bit.

In the pickup-artist world, it's a technique called "negging," uplifting a woman's self-esteem, razing it to the ground, and then building her back up again. The thinking goes, if you can control a woman's emotions, you pretty much have her in the "battle for the pussy," says Carter, a newly established dating coach with a handful of clients throughout Houston.

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Teachers Suit Challenges HISD on EVAAS Rating System

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HISD is being taken to court in a case filed this week over how it evaluates teachers. Seven teachers are part of the suit, which says a controversial (at least to teachers and their unions) value-added system of rating their classroom work is unconstitutional.

The American Federation of Teachers released a statement that described the suit.

"The federal lawsuit states teachers' due process constitutional rights are being violated because the EVAAS system is not an accurate or reliable indicator of teachers' performance and because "a cloak of secrecy" prevents teachers from verifying or challenging their EVAAS score," the statement said. "The suit also contends teachers' equal protection constitutional rights are being violated because the school district directs and/or pressures school administrators to align teachers' instructional practice scores with their EVAAS scores -- two separate evaluation components -- so those with below-average EVAAS scores receive arbitrary, harsher instructional practice scores. The suit also contends that the standards for acceptable growth are arbitrary, vague and constantly being recalibrated."

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Independent School Board okayed its evaluation system for teachers in 2011.

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Lesbian Softball Player Outed by Her Teachers Has Settled the Case

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Photo by John Barry de Nicola

A lesbian teenager was allegedly outed by her high school softball coaches, but now, after grudgingly reaching a settlement, the Kilgore Independent School District has reiterated that the coaches did nothing wrong.

It all started in March 2009 in the locker room of Kilgore High School. Skye Wyatt was a 16-year-old sophomore softball player when her coaches confronted her in the locker room about her sexuality, according to court documents:

"Her coaches, Rhonda Fleming and Cassandra Newell, aggressively confronted, bullied, and berated her in a locker room to extract and publicize constitutionally private information against her will. Specifically, while acting under color of law as KISD staff, they blatantly disregarded Skye Wyatt's constitutional rights ... brutally interrogating her about her most intimate secrets, forcing her to disclose private information against her will, and disclosing her sexual orientation without permission and without any genuine, legitimate and compelling governmental interest."

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Sharpstown Principal's Lawyer, Rusty Hardin, Says Rob Gasparello Did Report Sexual Abuse

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Last week, Sharpstown Principal Rob Gasparello and two assistant principals, Silvio Leiva and Jason Thomson, were arrested and charged with counts of failure to report sexual abuse of students. Now, the lawyer representing Gasparello is saying he did everything right.

Gasparello was charged in relation to two reported incidents, one with a 16-year-old student who said she'd been sexually assaulted before school, another concerning a teacher, Ysidoro Rosales-Motola, who allegedly had sexual contact with three different male students. Both the incidents were reported to Gasparello in October and the principal failed to contact law enforcement regarding these incidents, according to court documents.

However, Rusty Hardin, the lawyer representing Gasparello, has come out with a statement claiming that Gasparello actually did handle things according to the law and report the incidents.

"The spirit of this law was to be used against people who hide abuse allegations - not against people who take them seriously and act immediately like Mr. Gasparello did" Hardin said in a statement.

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