TEA Investigating More Shady Student-Teacher Relationships

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Ashley Zehnder
The Texas Education Agency is reporting a rise in the number of investigations opened on allegations of inappropriate student-teacher relationships over the past three years, according to newly released numbers by the agency.

The number of investigations into student-teacher relationships has risen from 141 in 2009-10 to 179 in 2013-14, according to the agency. Under the state penal code, a school district employee who engages in sexual contact with a student is committing a second-degree felony, even if the student is 18 years of age or older.

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Local Pickup Artist Is at War With Women

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I don't get drunk I get me.

A boys' football coach by day, after hours Russell Carter coaches hardened men in an entirely different game. The playing field is Saint Dane's on a Tuesday night. The ball is in the court of the first beautiful woman who catches his eye -- anyone who rates a nine or 10.

Carter introduces himself. He's 25, tall and muscular with a winning smile. He's a natural comedian, so conversation is easy-flowing. Suddenly he leans in, squinting at the woman's nose. "Wow, you've got a bit of a schnoozle there don't you?" At that point, she recoils, reaching up to cover her face. Carter laughs and apologizes for acting like a kid on a playground. He explains that he likes her but doesn't know how to tell her yet. She relaxes a bit.

In the pickup-artist world, it's a technique called "negging," uplifting a woman's self-esteem, razing it to the ground, and then building her back up again. The thinking goes, if you can control a woman's emotions, you pretty much have her in the "battle for the pussy," says Carter, a newly established dating coach with a handful of clients throughout Houston.

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Teachers Suit Challenges HISD on EVAAS Rating System

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HISD is being taken to court in a case filed this week over how it evaluates teachers. Seven teachers are part of the suit, which says a controversial (at least to teachers and their unions) value-added system of rating their classroom work is unconstitutional.

The American Federation of Teachers released a statement that described the suit.

"The federal lawsuit states teachers' due process constitutional rights are being violated because the EVAAS system is not an accurate or reliable indicator of teachers' performance and because "a cloak of secrecy" prevents teachers from verifying or challenging their EVAAS score," the statement said. "The suit also contends teachers' equal protection constitutional rights are being violated because the school district directs and/or pressures school administrators to align teachers' instructional practice scores with their EVAAS scores -- two separate evaluation components -- so those with below-average EVAAS scores receive arbitrary, harsher instructional practice scores. The suit also contends that the standards for acceptable growth are arbitrary, vague and constantly being recalibrated."

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Independent School Board okayed its evaluation system for teachers in 2011.

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Lesbian Softball Player Outed by Her Teachers Has Settled the Case

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A lesbian teenager was allegedly outed by her high school softball coaches, but now, after grudgingly reaching a settlement, the Kilgore Independent School District has reiterated that the coaches did nothing wrong.

It all started in March 2009 in the locker room of Kilgore High School. Skye Wyatt was a 16-year-old sophomore softball player when her coaches confronted her in the locker room about her sexuality, according to court documents:

"Her coaches, Rhonda Fleming and Cassandra Newell, aggressively confronted, bullied, and berated her in a locker room to extract and publicize constitutionally private information against her will. Specifically, while acting under color of law as KISD staff, they blatantly disregarded Skye Wyatt's constitutional rights ... brutally interrogating her about her most intimate secrets, forcing her to disclose private information against her will, and disclosing her sexual orientation without permission and without any genuine, legitimate and compelling governmental interest."

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Sharpstown Principal's Lawyer, Rusty Hardin, Says Rob Gasparello Did Report Sexual Abuse

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Last week, Sharpstown Principal Rob Gasparello and two assistant principals, Silvio Leiva and Jason Thomson, were arrested and charged with counts of failure to report sexual abuse of students. Now, the lawyer representing Gasparello is saying he did everything right.

Gasparello was charged in relation to two reported incidents, one with a 16-year-old student who said she'd been sexually assaulted before school, another concerning a teacher, Ysidoro Rosales-Motola, who allegedly had sexual contact with three different male students. Both the incidents were reported to Gasparello in October and the principal failed to contact law enforcement regarding these incidents, according to court documents.

However, Rusty Hardin, the lawyer representing Gasparello, has come out with a statement claiming that Gasparello actually did handle things according to the law and report the incidents.

"The spirit of this law was to be used against people who hide abuse allegations - not against people who take them seriously and act immediately like Mr. Gasparello did" Hardin said in a statement.

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UPDATED: Sharpstown Administrators Accused of Failing to Report Abuse

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UPDATE: A warrant has been issued for the Sharpstown High School teacher who was charged with having sexual contact with at least three students, Jeff McShan, the Harris County District Attorney's Office spokesman, said. Ysidoro Rosales-Motola, 55, has been charged with one felony count of indecency with a child and two felony counts of an improper relationship with a student.

McShan said Rosales-Motola didn't show up for court and appears to be on the run, hence the warrant.

Rosales-Motola is charged with having inappropriate contact with three male students. He allegedly had sexual contact with a boy who was younger than 17. The incidents with two other boys occurred in early October, court documents state. The investigation of his case led to the charges against Gasparello, Leiva and Thomson for not reporting the allegations of sexual abuse.

Sharpstown High School Principal Rob Gasparello has been touted around HISD as one of the district's top show ponies for his efforts to turn Sharpstown High School around, but now Gasparello, 58, is having his name paired up with Sharpstown for something far less glamorous. Gasparello and two other Sharpstown administrators have been charged with failing to tell police about at least one student reporting sexual assault.

Assistant principals Silvio Leiva, 50, and Jason Thomson, 28, were also charged in failing to report allegations of sexual abuse, a misdemeanor, on Thursday, according to court documents.

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UPDATED:Kathanna Culp: Spring Branch Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Student

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Courtesy Spring Branch ISD Police Department
Kathanna Culp was blackmailed into admitting the illegal relationship, according to a police officer's statement.

Correction: Kathanna Culp was never a court-appointed child advocate, and was never an employee of Child Advocates, Inc., the organization's spokeswoman tells us. Although Culp went through the volunteer training, she never took a case, and her file was closed in May 2012, meaning she wouldn't have been eligible to take any cases without being retrained.

"She did all the credentialing, all the background, and all the paperwork, and all the 30 hours that they put them through to make sure they understand how to become an advocate," Ashley Brockette says. "But since she never did take a case, that...means that she never really was an advocate....She never worked for us.She was never on our payroll."

The Press regrets the error.

Please see a further update from Culp's attorney at the end of this post.

A former Spring Branch ISD high school teacher, who also worked as a court-appointed child advocate, has been charged with having sex with an 18-year-old student.

Ex-Northbrook High teacher Kathanna C. Culp was charged March 19, according to Harris County District Clerk records, after she acknowledged the relationship, and after the student said she provided him and his friends with marijuana, which they all smoked at her apartment. (The student has since graduated).

According to the 28-year-old Culp's LinkedIn profile, she graduated with a law degree from the University of Florida, and worked for Child Advocates, Inc. for a year beginning in January 2011. Her profile states "I underwent extensive training in child abuse, the legal system and child advocacy."

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Mark West: Cops Say Long-Suspected Assistant Principal Finally Had Sex with a Student at Prom Event

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Mark West: Denies the charges.
Officials at Spring High School, it seems, had long been suspicious of assistant principal Mark Steve West's closed-door meetings with female students.

One told investigators she saw "female students exit [West's] door with their hair and clothing disheveled, and the female students would be smiling and laughing," court documents say.

No victims came forward, though, until police tracked down one now attending college. And she told them -- with a description straight out of a bodice-ripping romance novel -- of how she and West had sex during a prom-planning event.

Her description also seems designed to inflame the Internet commenters who shout "entrapment!" whenever there's an item about alleged high school teacher-student sex.

West, 30, has denied the charge of inappropriate relationship with a student, court documents show.

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Maria Calvillo: Nurse's Aide Told Student to "Bend Me Over and F%# Me Tomorrow," Cops Say (NSFW)

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Maria Calvillo: Not a subtle sexter.
No one can accuse Maria Calvillo of being the world's most subtle sexter.

They can -- and have -- accused the Taylor High School nurse's aide of having an improper relationship with a student. The 38-year-old is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old senior at the Alief ISD school.

Court documents show that investigators were called in after the student's mother found sexually charged conversations between her son and Calvillo on Facebook.

The court documents offer a sample of the online conversations, and if true, they show Calvillo, also known as Molly Ortega, knows what she wants and isn't afraid of asking for it (Forgive the all-caps, but we guess they couldn't contain themselves. Also, it's NSFW):

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Amanda Feenstra, Dance Teacher: Female Student Says She Had Vibrator Sex with Her Too Many Times to Count, Cops Say

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Amanda Feenstra: Cops say while her husband was away, she had sex with a student.
A 17-year-old Humble High School student has told cops that she and her dance instructor had sex too many times to count while the teacher's husband was away.

The teacher, Amanda Feenstra, faces a felony charge of improper relationship with a student.

Court documents show the student said, "There were so many times that [Feenstra] and she had sex, she cannot remember every specific date."

The relationship between the 29-year-old teacher and the student lasted from August 2010 to November 2011, court documents say.

School officials told investigators that the girl "felt embarrassed and trapped" and "had lost all her friends" and therefore was hesitant to come forward. She made her outcry to authorities in September.

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