Shawn Butler Fires Back at Sheriff, Says There Was No Trespassing and His Facebook Party Plans Were Righteous

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Shawn Butler
Shawn and Dashawn Butler, the 19-year-old entrepreneurs arrested recently for criminal trespassing with no little fanfare for what Harris County deputies say was an unsanctioned attempt to put on a party on someone else's property in Huffman, say the allegations against them are bogus.

In a story so bizarre that it has the ring of truth because who could make this stuff up, Shawn told Hair Balls that he and his twin had an agreement with the owner of the property to put on the party in exchange for $150.

And that their negotiator in this deal was a 15-year-old friend of theirs who was also a friend of the owner's family. And that the whole thing started with a Craigslist ad offering the property for sale.


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