Zapruder Analysis Of Jon Gruden's Hooters Chick Football Camp (VIDEO)

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Jon Gruden loves him some Hooter's.
Sometimes, change being thrust upon a person brings out the best in them, and takes them to a place where they find skills they didn't even know they had.

Jon Gruden is one of these guys.

Much like Jeff Van Gundy's coaching in and subsequently covering the NBA, Gruden had been grinding (Gruden Grinder!) his whole adult life to get to the apex of the NFL head coaching fraternity, and certainly he was widely considered one of the best, even after he was fired by Tampa Bay after the 2008 season.

Change was thrust upon Gruden and he adapted, becoming one of the voices of Monday Night Football and one of the faces of ESPN's NFL coverage. Now, again like Van Gundy in the NBA, I'll be legitimately pissed off if Gruden ever decides to re-enter coaching, I enjoy him that much on TV.

And I love that Gruden's schedule allows him the flexibility to speak for certain products and establishments, like, say....HOOTERS!

Yes, Hooters!

Now, consider that Hooters is in the fight of its life right now for market share in the sports-beer-breast business sector. In recent years, they've been caught or even surpassed in many local markets by places like Twin Peaks and copycatted by places like Wolfie's and other local establishments whose home uniforms are some variation of the butt hugging cut offs and low cut shirt.

Sure, those places all respect Hooters as the trail blazer, but in the modern era, they're all trying to do it better. In many ways, Hooters is the Ric Flair of sports-beer-boob establishments -- widely respected, still highly relevant, but in some ways a little caricature-ish.

(For the record, I am still a huge fan of both Ric Flair and Hooters. Let this be known.)

So how do you spice up the marketing pitch, if you're the orange-and-white? Well, you get Jon Gruden doing Gruden things amidst a slow motion forest of bouncing breasts, and you remind people that football season is nigh!

That's a pretty good start, at least, and that's what Hooters did, with maybe their finest marketing effort yet. This video is simple, it's supple, and it's positively Gruden.

Also, boobs.

Let's take a look....

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