Theresa Roemer Says Some of Jewelry Mailed to the Houston Press Is Hers

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Photo and video by Kaitlin Steinberg
A person claiming to be the infamous Woodlands Closet Bandit says these items are all fake

Theresa Roemer has identified some of the jewelry mailed to The Houston Press by a self-proclaimed burglar as belonging to her.

"Mrs. Roemer did come in and identify some of the items as items that were stolen from her residence," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Lt. Brady Fitzgerald told the Press Monday. He could not say which of the items, which the Press received August 15 by an unknown sender, Roemer verified as hers, and if they included a lock of her late son's hair.

The positive identification "leads us to believe that the person that did send the items in was somehow related to this criminal offense," Fitzgerald said.

The items arrived at the Press office three days after we received a strange call from a person claiming to be behind the August 2 burglary of her well-publicized three-story "she-cave."

The person, who spoke through a voice-modulator, claimed that the stolen jewelry and handbags were fake. The caller said he or she then contacted Roemer and demanded $500,000 in exchange for the items, or else the media would be notified.

But, the caller said, "it seemed as if she contacted authorities. The deal never went through. I'm following through with my threat."

Fitzgerald said Roemer was not able to positively identify all of the items.

"Some of the items, obviously, are from family members -- her husband's family and stuff like that -- and because of the number of items she had, she couldn't say for sure if [some of them] were hers or not, " Fitzgerald said.

Continuing her trend of talking to everyone else but us, Roemer had no comment when reached by phone Monday.

We aren't sure why the self-proclaimed burglar called us, but it may relate to a story we ran on the defamation suit Roemer filed against her stepson, Maximillian Roemer, in July. Both parties agrees to dismiss the suit last week, according to court records.

Maximillian told us via email Monday that, "For the sake of my failing father, I pray this all ends well." He did not elaborate.

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Why won't she talk with you, while with everyone else it's tears and beers?


CultureMap has announced a fundraiser for Theresa which will help her weather the financial storm until the insurance money comes through. Let us all offer prayers for this tortured damsel.


why is this wanna be egotistical horrific woman getting so much press?? I am surprised someone didn't get the blueprints and verify the size of the closet. The build out was by IKEA circa 1980. Her stylist/ designer Thom Anderson has gone to prison for fraud. There is no such thing as "Travel Birkins" - she cannot even pronounce Hermes. Oscar de la Renta "Jewels" next to her Harry Winston??? OH PLEASE. The 917 "burner phone" is probably the PR lady hack she hired for her closet. The poor guy she is married to must have ZERO backbone. Protest too much?? All she does is scream authenticity and integrity and her crap is fake along with her face, boobs, hair, nails etc She is a laughing stock.

BobbyFreshpants topcommenter

Will the Houston Press be having a garage sale anytime soon?



The woman DID have her house broken into.  That doesn't look to be fake.  If you've been robbed, your sense of violation and outrage is very high.  Somebody stole something from me once and I spent a year getting even.

The woman is not someone I would invite to Thanksgiving, for sure, but she was robbed and nobody deserves that.

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