Other City of Houston Tweet-Along Opportunities

Oh the hijinks that are possible.
The Houston Police Department has held a couple of "Tweet Alongs" where officers report on their activities on the beat, tagging them #HPDTweetAlong. The most recent was a rather uneventful night shift. It got us to thinking that there are plenty of opportunities for the city to better engage the world of social media via Twitter hashtags.

We don't just mean tweets from the Mayor of members of City Council, or the fire department -- those guys have far more important things to do than tweet. We're talking about the folks with boots on the ground handling the thankless jobs involved in running the fourth largest city in America. Here are some suggestions.


In all seriousness, why BARC doesn't hand a camera phone to all animal control personnel and post a photo of every single dog and cat they catch is beyond us. Perhaps it would be too depressing, but given the Internet's obsession with cute, fuzzy animals, it couldn't hurt.


No one needs to be bothering the folks at 9-1-1. That job is life and death. But 3-1-1? That's an entirely different story. Imagine the stories. The annoying neighbor who leaves a one-inch strip of grass uncut on his property. The pothole that never gets filled. The airplane contrails clearly filled with mind-control drugs. The life of a 3-1-1 operator has got to be pretty damn interesting. Inquiring minds want to know.


Picture an entire Twitter stream of nothing but, "We're really sorry 290 is such a mess" or "We can't tell you who designed the 59/45/288 interchange, but, yes, he's an idiot." It wouldn't get anything fixed, but it would make us all feel better.

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