Some Unusually Awesome Pups for National Dog Day

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Photo by Ed Schipul
We think he was expecting the whole steak, since it's his special day...
Today, we lift our leg in honor of dogs everywhere, as it's the tenth annual National Dog Day, a time to reflect on all our furry friends waiting on forever homes.

We'd also like to give a shout-out to the hard-working shelter staff and volunteers, as well as all the fantastic rescue groups in our area. Without their dedication, we wouldn't be able to highlight these pups available for adoption.

We thought we'd showcase a few special individuals -- not so much matinee idols as character actors; dogs that in some cases may require just a touch more patience and attention, but who will repay that TLC in spades.

Courtesy Inner Chi Rescue
When we first saw this pic of Petunia, we thought, "What's going on here? Did Pablo Picasso invent a dog?" We thought our eyes might be deceiving us, but our heart knew what was up. Petunia's a keeper. She has a fractured jaw (which has been fixed) and no teeth. She's also 10 years old. Mad props to Inner Chi Rescue for giving this gal a shot. We're pretty sure that whoever adopts this dog not only automatically goes to heaven, but gets to sit in the VIP area with God and John Coltrane. Contact Inner Chi for info. (ID #11007126).

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Thanks for highlighting these dogs that need homes.  Anyone can "love" a fluffy puppy mill (grrr) pooch, but it takes someone special to take one of these dogs into your home and your heart.


Thank you so much for featuring these incredibly special ones that people tend to overlook! I have a toothless, eyeless, deaf one who someone surrendered at 13 years old when all she wanted out of life was a lap to lay on. I’m also lucky enough to have the greatest dog in the world (sorry to everyone else who thought their dog was the best), another one that Inner Chi Rescue took a chance on. She had severe dental disease and needed jaw reconstruction like Petunia. She has some neurological issues from surviving distemper but it doesn’t slow her down one bit and she has more love to give than any dog I’ve ever met. The unusual ones usually end up being the best ones. I hope your blog inspires people to look past some of these differences to see the beauty inside. Happy National Dog Day!

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

@carriebwc Agreed.  It does take a special "hoomin" to care for and love these pooches. But the rewards are priceless!

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