HPD Confirms Identity, Investigation Into Officer Who Committed Suicide

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UPDATE September 19, 2014, 9:00 a.m.: Tickets written by Rudolph Farias, along with three other officers, have been been dismissed. In light of an internal investigation into charges that the officers ran a ticket-rigging scam, bilking the department for thousands of dollars in overtime pay, HPD and the city attorney's office have opted to dismiss some 6,000 traffic tickets. The three other officers remain under criminal investigation.

The Houston Police Department has identified the officer who shot and killed himself on Tuesday as Senior Police Officer Rudolph Farias, a 21-year veteran of the force.

Farias joined HPD in May 1993 and worked in the department's traffic enforcement division. He was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a parking garage behind the HPD jail near downtown, according to authorities.

Officers spotted Farias's emergency lights flashing in the parking garage at about 4 p.m., and checked inside his HPD patrol car. According to authorities, Farias was slumped over, still dressed in his patrol uniform.

Farias was let go from HPD late Tuesday afternoon as the result of a ticket-rigging scheme involving three other officers, KHOU reports.

KHOU reports that all four officers were ordered to turn in their badges as the result of a ticket-rigging investigation. KHOU's I-Team previously reported that an "analysis of speeding tickets written by the Houston Police Traffic Enforcement Unit reveals several dozen cases in which officers were listed in two places at once." Farias was one of those officers.

According to the report, court overtime was the motivation behind the ticket-rigging scheme. Officer Farias had made $158,000 in overtime over the past three years, according to records obtained by KHOU, although how much of that overtime was related to the alleged ticket-rigging scheme is unclear.

Jodi Silva, spokesperson for HPD's media relations department, confirmed to the Press that Farias was involved in an internal investigation, but could not confirm the nature of the investigation, citing it as "ongoing."

Silva did not confirm whether Farias was let go from the department yesterday.

Silva says HPD will not release a formal statement on the officer's suicide, as there is still an active death investigation pending.

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Another scam going in Houston is the 311 Houston snitch line, where people can call in anonymous tips and then the city sends an "inspector" out to your house to issue citations. The person calling in these stupid reports is most likely being paid by Houston 311 so that they can keep up with their "ticket quota". Only "certain people" in neighborhoods are singled out for harassment by these under-trained fake wanna-be "inspectors" who have no police powers at all.


Good riddance.  I don't have much respect for the tax collectors in blue.  Frankly I don't have much use for the police period.  I can't say that they've ever protected me from anything.  That's my job.  They have, on repeated occasions, put their hands in my pocket for money under the guise of protecting me and the public, and collected taxes know as fines.  But as this officer proves, their protection is a lot like that offered by the mob.  They write tickets arbitrarily and capriciously...I've see cops do the exact thing they stopped me for a week earlier, or ignore far more egregious conduct by others as if nothing happened.  I've seen these idiots, play favoritism, probably for a payoff or special deal.  Like the kid who hit my vehicle, no license, no insurance, driving his daddy's or uncle' s dealer car, and not getting so much as a citation.  Probably go offered a sweetheart deal, and me standing there out of pocket for $500 deductible because the little Nigerian shit could not read traffic markings.  On another occasion  I got pulled over for failure to signal a lane change....really?  In Houston, where most people think those neat flashing lights on the corners of their cars are for use during parades and on holidays.  On this occasion I was profiled for being a white guy in the wrong part of town by two cops one of which was on a ride along.  The Hispanic officer was trying to look good no doubt thinking he was gonna get me on drug charges or something, when I was only driving home from the dojo at which I was an instructor. I hope the other three officers do the right thing and kill themselves too.  I see HPD as punks with a badge.  They rank right up their with mail carriers in my book.  They took a job that made them feel important, but more importantly still is it comes with a pension


I wonder how many other scams this officer had worked during his 21 years on the taxpayers' payroll?

Si, se puede!


@TexasForever  Just think about all the other illegal activity going on in the police department that we haven't yet heard about. And you can bet it happens more often than not.

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