Texans 32, Falcons 7: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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335 days.

That's how long it had been since the Houston Texans have walked off of a football field having scored more points than their opponent. September 15, 2013, to be exact.

If you recall, that was the second regular season game of the tumultuous 2-14 train wreck the city endured last year, an overtime win against the Tennessee Titans in which DeAndre Hopkins scored the winning, walk-off touchdown to push the Texans to 2-0 on the season. Also, if you recall, the halftime show that afternoon was a performance by Vanilla Ice.

On Saturday night, walking through the club level with my radio partner Ted Johnson, we walked past a cover band who was playing (perhaps coincidence, perhaps by design) "Ice, Ice Baby."


Hey, if you're looking for signs, that's the best I can do, ok? A cover band playing a possible lucky song to get the Texans a preseason victory (appropriately, a preseason win being the "cover band" version of an actual NFL win).

So on Saturday night, the Texans dismantled the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 32-7. As always, there were winners, there were losers. Let's examine...


4. Jadeveon Clowney
So it looks like Clowney's recovered from the sports hernia all right, I guess, huh? WOW. In one series, Clowney gave the home crowd a taste of what he plans on serving up for the next decade or so. Here are the two plays that had everyone talking, a stick in the backfield on Antone Smith that nearly took the running back's head off (must be something about the last name "Smith") and then a sack on Matt Ryan in which Clowney's first four steps seemingly swallowed the field:

Players in the front seven for NFL teams are generally grinders, and even the stars are guys whose full value is realized in plays that don't necessarily make a crowd go "WHOA." There are a rare few front seven players with that ability to produce a "WHOA" from the crowd. The Texans now have two of those guys. This may be the most fun a city has had watching games being played in the teens.

Clowney wasn't alone, though, among the newbies...

3. The rest of the rookie class
With as questionable, unlucky, or flat out bad as the last couple draft classes have been for the Texans, it's imperative that the team hit big, in quality and quantity, with this first year group so they can rebuild the depth chart. So with that said, a quick rundown of last night's performance from the Class of 2014 (by round selected):

1. Jadeveon Clowney, OLB
See above.

2. Xavier Su'a-Filo, OL
Solid game while being moved in and out of multiple spots along the offensive line.

3a. C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE
Two catches in tight space in the first half. Will get regular snaps throughout the season.

3b. Louis Nix, NT
Returned from injury this week, should see game action soon.

4. Tom Savage, QB
Work in progress.

6a. Jeoffrey Pagan, DE
In rotation at defensive end early. Didn't do much.

6b. Alfred Blue, RB
Six carries for 22 yards, and a tough goal line run for a touchdown, escorted by....

6c. Jay Prosch, FB
One handed battering ram.

7a. Andre Hal, CB
Pick six off of T.J. Yates and several solid plays in the secondary and special teams.

7b. Lonnie Ballentine, S
Injured, didn't dress. Time is running out for him to make an impression.

Undrafted Free Agents
ILB Max Bullough had an interception, WR Travis Labhart had three catches for 36 yards, C James Ferentz played every offensive snap, TE Anthony Denham blocked a punt, OLB Jason Ankrah looks to be in decent shape to make the team as a backup linebacker.

If I put the over/under at 11.5 for rookies to make the 53 man roster, are you going over or under?

2. Special teams
I can't remember which special teams play had just transpired, but at one point Saturday in the press box, I think in the second quarter, I turned to the producer of our radio show Will Grubb and said "Man, special teams look good tonight." And this was a full quarter (at least) before Anthony Denham tipped a punt that turned into a Jonathan Grimes touchdown and before Jawanza Starling blocked a field goal. Good special teams is going to be crucial for a team that will be challenged to put together a lot of 70-80 yard type drives on offense. So far, so good in the preseason.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick
After going three and out on his first drive, Fitzpatrick bounced back with a 12 play, 69 yard drive that gobbled up six minutes and ended in a touchdown run by Alfred Blue. Then, he re-entered the game with under two minutes to go in the first half and provided a seven play, 74 yard answer to Atlanta's only score of the game, finding DeVier Posey in the end zone for a 13-7 lead heading into the half. The best part about each drive? They both prominently featured a Fitzpatrick scramble, the first one a 10 yard scamper on third down to keep the drive alive and the second one a 15 yard run to get the Texans out to near midfield. (Here is where I make the obligatory Matt Schaub joke -- actually, it's not even a joke, it's a fact -- Fitzpatrick had more yards rushing on those two plays than Schaub had the last three seasons combined.)

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penderbag, you should consider yourself a loser this week (well, every week...) 

a) Texans under center looked pretty good b) Clowney shows why your boy Johnny Douche was not worthy of top pick. Clown is doing it against the #1s, Douche is struggling against 2nd and 3rd teams

WestSideBob topcommenter

Talk about the yips !!  He was banging 50+ yarders in college.  At least Boz has a Rice education.  He can look forward to a decent job after being cut. 

Lucy Daray
Lucy Daray

AWESOME> Keep it up, Texans. xxx

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