A Breakdown of the Former NFLers Bull Rushing Houston Sports Radio Market

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Former NFL players ND Kalu (left) and Greg Koch at 790.
When George Costanza was looking for a job, he said that he might like to be a color commentator for baseball to which Jerry Seinfeld responded, "Well, they tend to give those jobs to ex-ballplayers and people that are, you know, in broadcasting." While this may not have seemed fair to George, it is accurate. Former athletes hold numerous positions of note in sports media, but recently a number of former NFL players have begun to not just join Houston sports media, but dominated it like their days on the field. The Koch/Kalu mid mornings show on 790 KBME is the number one sports show in the market.

In the case of the Houston sports radio landscape, a city that probably can handle two such stations but has four, the success of these former players is as much owed to their insight as their personalities. Here's a breakdown.

Ted Johnson

Show: Triple Threat, 610 KILT afternoon drive
Former Team(s): New England Patriots
Position: Linebacker
Houston Tie: Grew up here.

Johnson grew up in Houston and made his fame as a member of the three-time champion New England Patriots. He also speaks out on concussions in the NFL as someone who has suffered issues since his days in the NFL. Johnson adds an insightful voice to a show that features veteran Rich Lord and our own Sean Pendergast. Three-man shows are not always easy to blend, but Johnson picks his spots and his experience with a dynasty is unique. Johnson cut his teeth on nighttime shows and post game call-in shows and it has paid off. When it comes to life inside the locker room, particularly one with such a storied history and winning culture, Johnson is unrivaled in the market.

ND Kalu

Show: In the Trenches, 790 KBME mid mornings
Former Team(s): Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans
Position: Defensive Lineman
Houston Tie: Rice grad

As half of the most popular show on sports radio at the moment, ND Kalu brings a wealth of intelligence and natural chemistry match with his on-air partner, Greg Koch. It is certainly possible that the duo is better together than they would be separately, but there is no question Kalu has an interesting take on pro football. The fact that their show is exclusively football based makes it easier on them, but Kalu is good on air and I imagine he would be comfortable discussing about anything sports related.

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