UPDATED: Big Landfill Fight Expected in Waller County Court Today

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Who's trashin' who?
Update: Waller County Judge Terry Flenniken denied the change of venue motion. The trial is set to begin December 1.

An intense, three-year fight over a proposed landfill in Waller County is expected to get even more heated at a court hearing today to decide whether to grant a change of venue motion for the upcoming trial.

At issue is whether a "15-story dump project" along Highway 6 was legally approved by Waller County officials, the Chron reports.

The proposed project's owners, Dallas-based Pintail Landfill, want to "move the case for fear that the high-profile nature of the three-year dispute with the City of Hempstead would prevent a fair trial," according to the Chron.

Wayne Dolcefino, a spokesman for a group opposing the project, accuses officials of engaging in "secret dealings" to approve the project.

"Waller County residents have raised about a half a million dollars to wage a three year battle against their own commissioners, who have already agreed to host the garbage dump," according to Dolcefino's press release.

We hope to have more on this soon.

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