Medical Board Beefs up Burzynski Complaint

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"Maybe in three years I get Nobel Prize, and you'll look like a shit," the good doctor told us in 2009.
The Texas Medical Board has enhanced its complaints against controversial Houston doctor (for loss of a better word) Stanislaw Burzynski, beefing up an eight-page complaint filed in December 2013 to a whopping 200, the Chron reports.

Filed July 9, the amended complaint came on the FDA's bewildering decision to lift a suspension on Burzynski's clinical trials involving an alleged cancer-fighting drug he calls antineoplastons. The FDA had partially suspended trials after the 2012 death of a six-year-old patient involved in one of the studies; the federal agency had also accused him of inaccurately reporting patient outcomes and failing to obtain some patients' informed consent.

The amended complaint alleges that Burzynski "created a medical practice model based on marketing his proprietary anti-cancer drugs to patients without adequate measures for patient safety and therapeutic value. [Burzynski] misled patients knowingly by promoting these drugs as an attraction to bring to his medical practice when [he] was aware that he could not legally include most of those patients in FDA-approved...clinical trials."

The board also accused Burzynski of misleading "patients into paying funds as a retainer prior to receiving any evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment."

If an administrative law judge agrees with the board's contentions that Burzynski violated state health and safety statutes, he could potentially lose his license.

Burzynski's lawyer, Richard Jaffe, told the Chron that the latest allegations were "outrageous" and "crazy," and the story quoted him as saying, "one way or another, this is going to be the last case."

"We'll let the judge decide whether Dr. Burzynski is helping people or not," Jaffe told the paper.

According to the Chron, "the matter is not expected to come before the State Office of Administrative Hearings until sometime in 2015."

Yeah, we'd hate for them to rush things. It's only dying patients' lives at stake.

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This is a completely one sided article! Years ago, as an anchor/reporter for the ABC affiliate in Springfield, MO, we did a series of reports on an 11 yr old girl with a brain stem tumor. Doctors gave her no hope, only 6 months to live. She received the "controversial" antineoplaston chemotherapy from Dr. Burzynski and every month, the tumor shrank until it was gone! He saved her life! We saw the X-rays and the proof was even in her eyes. She was cross eyed at the beginning, but her eyes straightened out during his therapy. I'm extremely skeptical of alternative treatments and wouldn't have believed it, if I didn't witness it. Today, she's a young mother with two kids and is cancer free.


"It's only lives at stake." Who would you trust, a group of fraud-committing medical board members or the best drug and scientific organization in the world, the FDA? The Medical Boards are comparable to a group of bullys with unlimited authority to harass doctors for providing good care. Some of the board members do not know what is. I hope theFSMB brings these incompetent board members up-to-date before they try to effectively determine competency of others. 

I agree that the doctor has an atypical and unusual perception of the group of compounds known as anti-neoplastins. However, there is reason we do research and clinical trials, to put them to the test. 

There is more about anti-trust and Medical Board regulation here:

Corruption is harming patients, not helping them in spite of the claims of many medical organizations, yet there is a growing discrepancy in regards to that amongst healthcare leaders. 


The Medical board's need to be responsible for their decisions. They do not understand the difference between a clinical trial and patient care. Clinical research staff work there all of the time. If he misled and made much money instead of serving others, then that is not good. 

I encourage each of you to call the FTC and let them know about the medical board's ignorance, and prejudice. Medical boards have diverted from academic excellence to fraud-committing incompetence. Yet, do not take my word for it, take a look for yourself 

Medical Board fraud & ignorantly reprimanding "by the books," "FDA-approved," "clinical care."

File a complaint here.


what a bunch of Low Life Scumbags the Texas Medical Board is comprised of!!! May they all rot in hell!


If not doctor, "clown in white coat" will suffice. 

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