Some of Our Favorite Tweets from the #ImSoHouston Hashtag

#ImSoHouston blew up on Wednesday.
It's rare when a hashtag gets so much attention it rockets to the top of the trending list in Houston. But that's what happened on Wednesday when #ImSoHouston cropped up and began a flood of responses from people describing why they too are SO Houston.

This spawned some memorable and hilarious responses from Houstonians. We have not only some very interesting folks here, but also some seriously self deprecating ones as well. Here is a selection of some of our favorites from Twitter. There were others posted on Facebook as well, but we'll stick with the hashtag.

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Stayce Van Buren
Stayce Van Buren

Wait what? It's not Transco Tower? I don't care always will be just like that church will always be the Summit... Where I graduated from!!!

Jessica Hampson
Jessica Hampson

HAHAHA thanks for posting Erika!!! Does that mean that I can check "get published" off my bucket list? #bucketlist

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

There are Facebook pages that are 10 times more nostalgic than this twitter nonsense.  Still trying to figure out how anyone over 30 can justify using a hashtag.

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