In Search of the Robert Durst Candy at CVS

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Photo by Aaron Reiss
CVS's new shelving is Robert Durst-proof.
Robert Durst did it again. That was the news Monday night and Tuesday morning after it was revealed that the millionaire who was acquitted of a Galveston murder had allegedly peed on candy at a Kirby CVS.

Groundbreaking stuff, we know.

Harris County District Attorney's Office spokesman Jeff McShan told Hair Balls the office charged Durst with criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor. The real question we had, though, was one that neither McShan nor ABC13 reporter Jessica Willey, who broke the story, could answer: What happened to the candy Durst supposedly peed on?

We called CVS to get a comment, but they didn't give us one, so we went to the store to find out what had happened.

As the Houston Chronicle reported, the alleged incident took place Sunday afternoon, so the urine-soaked candy was likely cleaned (we hope) soon afterward. But Willey didn't break the news until Monday night.

By Tuesday morning, every media outlet had it, and CVS customers who weren't at the store that fateful Sunday could have heard about Durst's supposed peeing escapade. When we went to the CVS at 6011 Kirby Drive on Tuesday afternoon, there was no candy. There was nothing on the shelves at the front of the store, where Durst had allegedly urinated.

We asked CVS cashier Crystal where all the candy was.

"We're reorganizing," she said.

Plausible. That's probably a more likely explanation than "We're clearing out shelves so people don't think Durst peed on the gum they buy." But then again, how likely was it that a millionaire who was acquitted of murder came into the store and peed on merchandise in the first place?

The only certainty in all of this, and it's a sad one, is that the CVS was out of orange Tic Tacs.

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Hilary Flores
Hilary Flores

Hahah I was just there. Was wondering where it was!!

Katrina Velvet
Katrina Velvet

\U0001f602\U0001f602\U0001f602 kind of glad to see something oddly funny reported about Houston instead of all the murders & dangerous crap going on lately.

Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez

Lol! They said the area had been "professionally cleaned" eww all I see is a roll of paper towels from the restroom, not EVEN some Clorox wipes. \U0001f637

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