Johnny Manziel Responds to Criticism by Partying With Justin Bieber

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Saying all of Manziel's peccadilloes are acceptable under certain circumstances is using the adjective "acceptable" a little loosely. "Tolerable" would be more like it.

Tolerable when you're the golden goose who is generating hundreds of millions of dollars for a college football program. Tolerable when the school and your coaches need you more than you need them. Tolerable as an NFL quarterback if you'd gone, say, 9-7 as a rookie.

None of these sentences apply to Manziel right now. So his act is not tolerable, plain and simple. Fine in college, not fine as a rookie who hasn't gone to his first training camp yet. Certainly, not fine as the future face of the franchise.

In short, it's not fine if the Browns' owner doesn't think it's fine. And reportedly, he doesn't.

So this past weekend, for the first time in about a month, there was no Manziel Monday update. No Vegas trips, no SUV limos in Hollywood, no bottle chugging in Austin, no Drake parties in Houston. Nothing. (I'm not gonna lie; the part of me that roots for "Team Content" was a little bit bummed.)

Maybe, just maybe, Johnny was heeding the warning from on high. Perhaps a quiet weekend at home catching up on binge watching House of Cards and pizza was on the agenda. In bed by midnight!


Yeah, right. As it turns out, Johnny was just stockpiling nukes.

If you're a defiant 21-year-old who doesn't really like rules, parameters and being told what to do.... oh, and you have ungodly amounts of access, cash and free time, what's the biggest figurative middle finger that you can flip at all of your authority figures?


If staying off the grid in Cleveland was the equivalent of a truce, then partying at Bieber's house with Floyd Mayweather (a party where the cops were called in twice) is essentially a declaration of war.

In other (possibly related) news, the Browns have reportedly begun contract extension talks with incumbent starting quarterback Brian Hoyer.....

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RoosterMcGee topcommenter

JM is the biggest douche ever!  I saw him at Lupe Tortillas last weekend on Shepherd and it was beyong emberassing to glad the Texans passed on him and his circus!


Why the hell is Floyd Mayweather hanging out with those kids? Mid-life crisis?

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