8 Unsung Beauties of the 2014 Houston World Series of Dog Shows

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Maha Ahmed
The annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows happened this past weekend from Wednesday through Sunday.

Hair Balls decided to get in on the action and give some pups a chance to take a break from the high-stress competitions. We asked their owners to tell us about their lives outside of grooming and showing.

These 8 "aww"-inducing creatures are more than just show dogs. They are the unsung beauties of Texas.

Name: Rupert (photo above)

Breed: Chinese crested

Hometown: Alvin, TX

Personal life: When Rupert isn't at a dog show, he's listening to children from local schools read to him and helping them overcome their anxiety. He's a certified therapy dog.

Quirks: Rupert's owner thinks he's pretty normal, but looking at his precious face leaves us begging to differ.

Cats? Never been around them.

Maha Ahmed
Curly-Q is a couch potato when he's not being obedient

Name: Curly-Q

Breed: Toy Poodle

Hometown: Houston, TX

Personal life: Curly-Q is really just a lazy couch potato.

Quirks: "A lot of anything."

Cats?: No.

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You guys missed out on the glory that was Samuel L. Jackson, the Pomeranian, on Sunday afternoon.

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